Implementing SATS Into Your Mental Diet

People often ask me if they have to do SATS in order to manifest something. My answer is always no. You do not have to do any techniques described by Neville or anyone else for that matter. Techniques are here to help you catch the feeling of the wish fulfilled. If you can catch that feeling without any techniques, then go ahead and do it that way. Brace yourself, this is going to be a long post!



I will never discourage you from doing your SATS. I used to not be a fan of SATS for the longest time because I had this belief that I just can’t visualize. Well, I mean, I could but it was always very blurry and so I thought I was doing it wrong. I would lay there for hours, trying to force the clear images to come to me and eventually gave up. With time, I started assuming that visualizing is the easiest thing in the world. I stopped obsessing over how clear the images are and started focusing on the feeling. That’s when I finally started enjoying doing SATS.

If you are like me and you are focusing on this one thing that is seemingly going wrong, stop for a moment. Here is a question that I want you to answer: do you love your specific person only when they are standing right in front of you? No, you always love them. See, even if you don’t have a clear picture of them in front of you, you still love this person. It’s the same with SATS. Even if you only see an outline of this person or even if you see nothing at all, except the colour black, you can still evoke emotions that you feel for that person.

Your visualization skills do not have to be perfect. Your subconscious is impressed upon through the medium of feeling, not the medium of image. Sure, if you see the same image in your head again and again it’s going to impress on your subconscious but it’s not the image that gets impressed, it’s the feeling. It’s that little “signal” that goes from your conscious into your subconscious, saying, “Hey subconscious, it feels so natural for me to encounter this in my reality, give me more.” In other words, you are in the state of feeling like it’s natural for you to receive something that you imagine over and over again. Think about it: right now you may be in the state of being broken up with your specific person. You keep replaying scenes in your head that brought you to that break up, maybe you are trying to figure out how you caused it or maybe it seems like you just can’t move on from this one damn thing that your specific person said or did. You are replaying the scene but you are impressing the feeling that comes with it. When you are in the state of being broken up with your specific person, it feels natural to be hurt and in pain. Therefore, the more you focus on that “fact”, the more pain and hurt you get.

This is also why we tell you not to react to your current circumstances: you think you are venting or releasing your pain but you are reliving it in your conscious mind which then filters out the feeling associated with it and sends it through to your subconscious. Just like my fellow colleague explained in her last post, this doesn’t mean that you have to suppress your emotions. Neville explains in Feeling is the Secret that this means that you discipline yourself enough to only choose to imagine loving things for yourself.

But, back to the “issue” with visualizing. Based on the information given to us by Neville and also by our own experiences, it is safe to conclude that it doesn’t matter if the image you are seeing in your mind’s eye is clear or blurry. What matters is that you feel like it’s happening right now. You enter the state of the wish fulfilled.

Here are some things that will help you out with visualizing if you are concerned with it:

  • Describing a scene to yourself. “I am at a beach in Croatia. I see a bunch of people, strangers. I hear a lot of people talking at once. I hear the waves as well. I see children playing. My partner is laying down next to me, talking about getting some ice cream.” The moment you describe it, you see it or hear it.
  • Use your dominant sense. If you are the type of the person who finds it easier to hear stuff than to see them, hear your partner ask you if you want some ice cream. You place yourself on this beach in your imagination but you focus only on your dominant sense. Trust me, your other senses will start cooperating before you even notice.
  • Know that the point of this technique is to help you catch the feeling of the wish fulfilled. Using your senses to experience something in your imagination is the ideal way of imagining but the point is still catching that feeling. If you feel that one of your senses is easier to use, focus on that one instead of trying to make the one that you see as “less efficient” to work!
  • Simply assume that you are great at doing this technique and you are doing it right. There is no wrong way to do it anyway.

I find that this belief that the images must be as clear as the day is often the reason why people think that their SATS are “not working”. It is merely because you are focusing on the wrong part of it. You are supposed to be catching the feeling of the wish fulfilled, not forcing yourself to see clear pictures. That is the entire point of any technique.



Another technique that many people like to use is the mental diet. This technique has quickly become a favourite among many people because it doesn’t require you to do anything special. All you need to do is monitor your own thoughts. We have covered the topic on how to make your mental diet easier here and here. In this article, I want to inspire you to consider SATS as a part of your arsenal.

These two techniques are not mutually exclusive. Often times people ask us if they need to do SATS, because they are already doing a mental diet. The answer is no, you do not have to. However, to those who are battling with negative thoughts throughout the day and feel exhausted due to it, consider doing SATS before you go to sleep. You can do SATS at any point in the day. The timing is not set in stone and you should certainly use the timing that best resonates with you. However, I find that doing SATS before falling asleep is the ideal timing because once you catch that feeling of the wish fulfilled and drift off to sleep, you bask in the feeling of the wish fulfilled for the duration of your sleep. Another very pleasant side-effect are dreams of your wish fulfilled but I will cover this topic in another article.

Now, we all know that the point of any technique is changing our state. It’s changing the way we view the world. We stop viewing it from the state of our desire being only a desire and view it from the state of our wish already being fulfilled. To build on the example I have already mentioned here, you no longer view the world as a person who was broken up with. You view the world as a person who got their lover back!

SATS are a good tool to have in your arsenal when you feel like you just can’t battle your negative thoughts anymore. Telling somebody to do mental diet when they feel like they can’t fight off their negative emotions may prove to be counterproductive. I know it proved to be counterproductive for me as well. When I was told that I have to flip my negative thoughts around for the first time, I spent the entire day stressing myself out, thinking I have to watch every single thought I have. I know there are those of you out there who feel the same way. Well, before you give up and say that it’s impossible, listen up.

Your inner conversations are an important part of the manifesting process. Neville tells us that in almost every lecture. Heck, there is even a lecture called “Order Your Conversations Aright” and TWO chapters of the book Awakened Imagination dedicated to mental diets! Here is the thing though: your inner conversations come with a state. The fastest way to change your state is through persistent assumption. This is where SATS come in. You get to experience the feeling of having what you desire during the SATS. Then, you spend 6-8 hours sleeping in that state. It’s easy to make something feel like a memory when you experience it again and again in your imagination! Feeling that something is a memory is the feeling we are aiming for here. Your desire has already been fulfilled, therefore, you remember it being a desire. It’s a fact now.

I find that SATS help build that bridge between your old state and your new state. In your old state, thoughts like, “I was broken up with. I am alone. I miss my boyfriend. I am desperate to have him back” feel natural to you. In your new state, these thoughts don’t feel natural at all. In your new state, your thoughts would be, “I love our relationship. I am so loved. I deserve this love. I love myself. I learned so much from this experience, even if it was negative. I am so happy that everything turned out the way I wanted it to. I am so powerful!” See the difference? It may feel like a stretch at first, so let’s take another example. We were all sick with common cold at one point in our lives.

Thoughts of a person who is in the state of being ill: “I miss being healthy. Will I ever be healthy again? I am so weak. I wish I would have appreciated my health more when I still had it. I hate this.”

Thoughts of a person who is in the state of being healthy: “My immunity is great. I don’t get sick easily. I am thankful for that.”

Most of the time, the healthy person wouldn’t even think about how great it is to be healthy in the first place. They would just accept it as their default state and run with it. If they saw somebody who is sick, they would probably be grateful for being healthy and that’s about it.

That’s how the states work. We assume that something is true about us and then we either don’t even consider the opposite of it or we simply just automatically affirm that our assumption is true. And yet, everything in this world is an assumption. You are either assuming that you are sick or you are assuming that you are healthy. You are assuming that you are in a relationship with your person or you are assuming that you are single and separate from your specific person. There is no middle ground. You can’t be a little bit of both. Can you be healthy and sick at the same time? No, these two things have to take turns. You can be in one state at the time. This is where persistent assumption comes in!

If you are having a hard time persisting in something, by only using your mental diet, do SATS. Don’t shy away from doing SATS just because somebody claims that they haven’t done them and got what they wanted. You don’t know their “starting point”. You don’t know how easy it was for them to assume a state in which their desire has been fulfilled. I mentioned in my previous article that I didn’t have a hard time getting into the state of being wealthy because I never truly experienced the state of being poor. For somebody who keeps acknowledging the state of being poor in the present moment, this “jump” may be a bit tougher. But, at the end of the day, it’s not tough at all. It’s just a matter of persistence. We see people getting same things in different timeframes. It’s all about how quickly you can enter the state of your wish fulfilled. It can take you 2 days to get your specific person back if you are already in the state of being loved, wanted etc. If you are in the state of being broken up with and have been in that state for say a year, it may take a bit longer to overwrite that state with the new state.

I am saying it “may” because the time delay is actually a limiting belief but I won’t be talking about that in this article. You can overwrite anything instantly but it is my experience that I create time delays when it takes me a bit longer to completely drench myself in the state of the wish fulfilled, if I am moving from a state that is “far removed” in the terms of assumptions and beliefs to the state which I am desiring to enter. This, of course, does not mean that your experience will be the same.

Back to the SATS and states! We are creatures that depend on our senses to get around in the outside world. Although we are awakening to find out that this outside world is an illusion, nothing more than a dream, we are used to identifying something as “real” and “not real” based on the evidence of our senses. When we experience something through our senses, it feels way more “real” than when we just affirm it. During SATS, we use our senses to experience the thing that we desire as being “real” and therefore, it is easier to change our state and notice a significant change in our inner conversations. You are no longer the person who is desiring something. You are now the person who experienced it. Your thoughts are coming from that state.



Many people, including myself, who are familiar with how this reality works and how we can consciously manifest things in and out of it, tell you that SATS aren’t the most important thing in the world. Why do we tell you that? Because they aren’t. What’s important is the feeling of the wish fulfilled and experiencing it. For so many of us, it is easiest to experience it while we are in this meditative state because it makes it easy to bypass the chatter of our conscious mind.

It’s all about the discipline! Once you achieve a certain level of discipline, you will no longer need techniques but if you are a beginner or somebody who views manifestations as big and small, using SATS will be beneficial to you. Yes, you can use only a mental diet to get what you want but if you are constantly battling with your negative thoughts and worrying that you aren’t doing it right because you had a negative thought, use the tools that were presented to you by Neville. He gave us these tools for a reason.

For those new to manifesting and for those who are having trouble assuming the state of the wish fulfilled without SATS because their mind isn’t disciplined enough, read these words from Neville:

“Mastery of self-control of your thoughts and feelings is your highest achievement. However, until perfect self-control is attained, so that, in spite of appearances, you feel all that you want to feel, use sleep and prayer to aid you in realizing your desired states. These are the two gateways into the subconscious.”

Feeling is the Secret, Neville Goddard

Therefore, don’t be shy to use SATS just because somebody told you it’s not necessary and all you have to do is do the mental diet. Yes, your inner conversations are important. But if you are constantly stressed out about them, use SATS to experience the feeling of the wish fulfilled and build your mental diet off of that feeling. Combine the two. To me, this is the most effective combination of techniques that you will find. Yes, you can do them separately but, here is a little wisdom from Abd Allah*:

“Remember that it takes repeated good thoughts to be effective. One good, strong thought, offset by the rest of the day spent in evil thinking, will not accomplish results for good.”

It Was Told of a Certain Potter, Walter C. Lanyon

In other words, doing your SATS and then completely dedicating yourself to your old ways of thinking which are negative will not yield results. You will overwrite the “good thought” that you planted during SATS in that case. So, remind yourself that your imagination is more real than the outside world and build your inner conversations based on that.

The same thing goes for the mental diet. If you are planting good thoughts all day but you go to sleep feeling like you’ve accomplished nothing but battled with your own mind, that is what you will be getting. Conscious mental diet or no mental diet at all, it’s about the feeling of the wish fulfilled. If your mental diet isn’t making you feel like your wish has been fulfilled, claim your wish through the use of SATS and go from there.



This post is based on my own personal experiences. This is what works for me. This is how I get fast results. This is how I catch the feeling of the wish fulfilled. Conclusion that I have come back to time and time again is that that is the only thing that really matters: feeling that you already possess what you desired. Don’t be alarmed when the feeling of desire is gone. It is because you have moved into the state of having. That is the state in which your wishes come true. You are not giving up on your desire. I see comments from people thinking that their mind got fed up and gave up. It did not. Besides, you are in control of your mind and not vice versa. It would be foolish to think that your mind decides on when you have to give up on something, so it makes you desire something for days, weeks, months or years and then decides it had enough and lets you enjoy your life.

Using the tools that we were given is always about changing ourselves. It’s about changing our states. But, as I mentioned in this article, with different states come different thoughts. It is also important to remember that we are not our states. This is why it’s possible for us to change. If we were our states, we would be like robots, never straining away from our routines.

If you want to change your state, all you have to do is stop identifying with it. Really, it is that simple. Is it easy? If you assume so! Be bold and embrace this change, knowing that who you are is greater than this state that you have spent some time in. You are God. You are in control. The world is at your command. You can have anything you want. If your current state says that you can’t have what you want, change your state. Assume that you are person that you want to be.

Persistent assumption – that is all it takes. And I believe that each and every one of you who is looking for answers will get what you want if you take the leap of faith and assume that you are the best version of yourself, and already possess what is the best for you!


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*It is rumoured that this book is actually about Neville’s teacher Abdullah.

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