Manifesting Money: My Success Story & Advice on How to Get Into the State

In this post, I will talk about an idea that isn’t anything new or revolutionary but I don’t see many people using it. It is an idea that will help you embody the state of confidence and abundance easily, effortlessly and, most importantly, naturally. Through it, I will share my own success story.

We know that the state of abundance is something that comes quite naturally in some areas and maybe not to easily in others. Some people seem to embody that state so naturally when it comes to money. Some people seem to embody that state so naturally when it comes to friends. Some people seem to embody that state so naturally when it comes to free gifts. There is a big number of examples. Each and every one of these people actually contradicts the state of “not having” something and should be taken as a proof that you, too, should be able to manifest things easily if you embody the same state. Instead of looking at people who embody these states so easily with envy, let’s learn from them.

Growing up, my family was never the one to be able to afford a luxurious lifestyle. There was 5 of us living in the same house: my grandparents, my parents and me. My father was the only employed person most of the time. My grandpa would work from time to time but my parents would never take the money from him, even when he offered to help them out. However, I never really saw us as a family that couldn’t get things. Sure, we couldn’t afford luxurious things but I never heard anyone complain about that. I simply didn’t experience it first-hand. When it came to my needs, I was always provided for and never really experienced the “lack”. I always knew that I would get everything that I needed and more.

Thanks to my family never really letting me experience the state of lack, I walked around in the state of financial abundance. I remember my friends always telling me things like, “Oh, your family is so rich”. At the moment, I didn’t quite understand why they would think that. As a matter of fact, I disagreed with them but never out loud. Nobody in my family ever complained about not having enough money in front of other people. This seemed like a forbidden area and I didn’t want to enter it. To this day, I am grateful I didn’t give in and proclaimed that we are poor.

When I first started experimenting with the Law, it was for two reasons: my boyfriend and my financial status. I wanted to be able to afford more than I had growing up. I wanted to be able to buy “nice things” for my entire family. But there was always this very obvious difference between these two things: I didn’t really care about the money. Now, I am not saying that that is the attitude that you need to have in order to manifest more money. A burning desire is always a good starting point. But, in my case, I was never really worried about the money. I always had enough and if I ever ran out of my own money, I knew my family would help me. However, I always had this feeling that I can almost describe as guilt, whenever I spent a lot of money. Knowing about the Law, I started panicking and thinking that because I feel guilty for spending big amounts of money, I will never be wealthy. A wealthy person wouldn’t feel that way, would they?

Luckily for me, I’ve met a few people who were rich beyond my own understanding. They would spend their money carelessly. They would spend thousands of euros on things that seem silly, like mobile games. And I knew: that was the relationship I want to have with the money! I don’t want to feel guilty for spending money on something that I enjoy. I want to feel indifferent because I know I still have a lot of money on my bank account and more on the way, thanks to my business.

The first time I tried the technique that I am going to describe is when I was in need of buying a new laptop. I was getting ready to work from home. My old laptop was so slow I couldn’t stand it anymore. I knew I needed a new one and I knew it would cost me a good amount of money if I wanted a good one. So, I found one. The price of it was exactly as much as I had saved in that moment. Once again, I started feeling guilty. I was just about to spend literally all of my money! That was when I decided to put an end to this and change the way I view it.

I walked into the store and actually got a discount but then was offered an additional warranty which brought the price back to the amount that I had saved. I said to myself, “Why not, it’s a good offer” and as I was waiting at the cash register, I decided right there and then that I was going to earn back all of my money that same month.

A month later, as I received my first paycheck which was way higher than what I had spent on my new laptop, it felt like it would have happened anyway. My logical brain tried to dismiss it but it couldn’t fight against the “fact” that the business I had entered already had a big market but here I was, a single individual, a complete newbie on the market, earning 3 times more than what an average person in my country earns, right in my first month of working. Mind you, I never worked before and I had no experience at all but I succeeded anyway. This also strengthened my confidence. I always knew that I was good at what I am doing but now I had some “financial data” to prove it.

So you see, my money didn’t really come to me from an unexpected source but it came nonetheless. It was a result of my own confidence and faith. This is how I know you can do the same.

Pick one wealthy person and observe their behavior. Don’t do this with the intention of copying what they are doing. If I went and spent a lot of money on a mobile game, that wouldn’t have been very wise. But you can observe the state that they are in and sooner or later you can embody the same state.

States come with certain beliefs and certain feelings. What feels natural in one state, may feel completely impossible in another. It feels natural for somebody in a state of wealth to manifest more money. It feels almost impossible for somebody in a state of being poor to manifest a big amount of money right off the bat.

What I learned by observing my friend who was spending so much of his money on this mobile game isn’t that I would be spending my money carelessly if I would have been rich back then. It was that I would have a belief that it wouldn’t really matter because I would always have the money. I wouldn’t have to worry because I would know that all that money would return to me. And so it did!

In my case, I embodied the state of being wealthy with ease because I already had something to hold on to in my physical world: my confidence that my business will be successful because I know that I am good at what I am doing. I will admit, this made it so much easier because I wasn’t wondering about the “how”. I acknowledged that this money can come to me from this source. I didn’t focus on it, but I knew that this source was there and that was enough for me not to worry. In your case, things may be a bit different. Maybe you aren’t self-employed or you aren’t as confident in your skills. I know many people get stuck on this and this is why I am bringing it up. Many people think that it would be so much easier if they had something to hold on to in “real life”. Well, maybe it would but it isn’t mandatory. You don’t need something to hold on to in “real life”. Circumstances do not matter. You don’t need a proof right now. But I can tell you that if you acknowledge the possibility of it happening, even that simple act will help you out tremendously.

Go on and get that money you always wanted! And for those who may be wondering how my business is doing these days: however I imagine it. Right now, I am working 40-60 hours a month and earning enough to renovate my 3 story house and travel in the meantime. In the world of Caesar, I’d say that means… It’s doing pretty well.

I still manifest money just for fun from time to time. It’s not about the “need”. It’s about having fun. I already have the underlying knowing that I will always have enough money for everything I need and want. Any other money-related manifestations are simply a matter of fun when it comes to me.

Bottom line, if you feel guilty over spending money, adopt the belief that you always get back whatever you give out. It may feel natural to think that you get 100% back. If that is so, that should be your starting point. With time, raise the bar. Say, if you spend a $1000, you easily earn $5000 back. While this may not be a “Neville technique”, it works because it puts you in the state of confidence. Yes, you can have those $5000 if you spend $1000 today. You just need to decide that that is how the money “works” in your reality.

Make this a rule: you always get more than you spend.


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