“There Is No Physical Other” And The Golden Rule

“So you left the world of innocence, and entered the world of experience to return to the world of Imagination, from whence you started. And when you return, you are all Imagination, and nothing is impossible to you. But before you do, you can test your creative power knowingly. Do you know someone who is in need? Bring him before your mind’s eye and see his need fulfilled. Lose yourself in the thrill, the feeling of joy for your friend. Do nothing on the outside to make it so, simply persist in seeing him in his new state, and no power on Earth can stop it from being so. If you think he can oppose you, you are looking at the world of Satan, for there is no physical other. God is one. There is no opposition save that which you create for yourself!

Follow the Pattern, Neville Goddard

This is a topic I wanted to talk about for a while now. How do we apply the Golden Rule if everybody is us pushed out? How do we apply the Golden Rule if everybody is one? If there is no physical other and God is one, as stated in the quote above, then how can we apply the Golden Rule?

The problem happens when we take the wording of the Golden Rule to mean that there are other physical beings, independent of us.

“Do unto others that which you would have them do unto you.”

Taking this in a literal sense, I cannot help but think whatever I desire for others will be done to me as well. If I wish for someone to get cancer, I will get the cancer. If I wish for someone to die, I will die. If I wish for somebody to break up, I will break up with my boyfriend.

This idea that the same thing will be done to me does not resonate once I realize that the separation is an illusion. Everything is God. There is nothing but God in this world. Everything exists in my consciousness. So then, if I take the idea of the Golden Rule literally, I accept into my consciousness the idea of punishment if I were to imagine something negative for the seeming other. But what other is there if there is only God?

The idea that I will be punished for any wrongdoing never sat well with me. I grew up Christian and the people who were teaching me about religion were mainly focusing on the punishment that comes when you are not aligned with God’s wishes. But if I am God, then God’s wishes are actually my wishes. In that case, the only person that can punish me is myself. Why would I punish myself for fulfilling my own desires? If I wish ill upon the other, I will experience it as well. Does this mean that I will get sick if I wish for the other to be sick? No. The way I accept it is that I will experience the consequences of my imaginal acts. Because everything that is done is done to God and I cannot escape my imagination, I will always experience the consequences of my imaginal acts.

If there is no physical other, then everything only returns to me. If I think that somebody is stupid, and I persist in that idea, does that make me stupid as well? No, my IQ won’t suddenly drop below the room temperature and I won’t suddenly lose all of my understanding and all of my knowledge. However, I will experience the consequences of what I am doing to that person in my imagination. If we ever have to solve a task together, I will experience their stupidity. Whether it manifests as a lack of understanding, me having to explain everything into detail or them studying for days and being unable to understand or even memorize anything, “I am” the one who gets to experience their stupidity.

On a more positive note, if I imagine that somebody is a caring person, does that automatically make me a caring person too? No, it does not. I could be the most manipulative person and if I see this other as a caring person, he has no choice but to be caring towards me as well, despite my manipulative nature. That being said, I am once again reaping the consequences of my imaginal acts. I am getting all the care in the world from this person because that’s how I imagined them, and yet that does not mean a thing about my manipulative personality has changed.

Let’s take something more specific as an example, let’s say I want to break up a couple. This is often the grey area when it comes to manifesting and I understand why it could be regarded as such but let’s dive a bit deeper. So, let’s say that this couple breaks up. Does it mean that my boyfriend will leave me? No. It does not. What it means is that I have chosen to experience the reality in which these two people are not a couple anymore. However, the way to bypass the uncomfortable feelings that could be associated with this is to imagine that that breakup was a mutual decision. They both went on with their lives, choosing more suitable partners. Once again, this is an imaginal act whose consequences I get to experience in my reality. Do I have to punish myself for wanting to experience this reality? No. Why would I? Creation is already finished. All I did was aligned with the reality in which these two people aren’t a couple anymore. Why would I need to be punished for this by experiencing breakup first hand? It makes no sense and I hope you can see why.

Now, I am not telling you to throw away your morals and ideas of good and bad. But, I do want to invite you to explore where they are coming from. We grow up totally unaware of the truth that everything exists only in our consciousness. We accept the rules that are presented to us by our parents. They may tell us that gossiping is bad. We accept that idea and because of that, everytime we gossip with our friends, we feel bad afterwards. Because the ideas of good and evil bring with themselves feelings as consequences, it is also one of the things that actually bounces back to us almost instantly. This is a world of ideas, a world of stories we tell each other. Like lord Baelish said, realm (our world) are the stories we agreed to tell each other over and over until we forget that they are lies. In other words, once you change your story and repeat it enough times, you will look back and wonder how come you ever thought that your old story was true?

So when we start regarding the world as merely ourselves pushed out, as there is no separation and there is only God in this world, we will start to question our ideas about good and evil. We will start to question those stories we grew up listening to. Yet, there is no need to force yourself to change your ideas of good and evil. Yes, you can do it. You can change your ideas of good and evil, or you can simply decide to only imagine lovingly for others from now on. If you are always only imagining lovingly, there is no need to feel bad for the seeming other. Since there is no other, all these lovely ideas that you are putting out there will be returned to you. The consequences of your imaginal acts always come back.

Neville is one of the greatest teachers of the Law. There is no doubt in my mind about that. Perhaps I am biased because he is the person that helped me see beyond the world of effect and into the world of causation. However, even Neville contradicted himself. While reading the book Freedom For All, I came across a paragraph about the Golden Rule where he says:

“Suggestions, like propaganda, are boomerangs unless they are accepted by those to whom they are sent. (…) Make no mistake about this; law is no respecter of persons.”

Freedom for All, Neville Goddard

To me, this is a very obvious contradiction. If the Law does not respect seeming individuality of the person, how can anything be rejected by anyone? I am not going after Neville, calling him a liar. As a matter of fact, I consider this to be a pure sign of him growing in his understanding of this world because in his later lectures he says that there is nothing in this world except God.

We are not talking about the right or the wrong interpretation of what Neville taught. The only interpretation that you should accept is the one that resonates with you. With time, your beliefs will change. You will experience more. You will see more evidence of the Law. You will reread a book or a lecture and you will see that it has a completely new meaning. This is why rereading Neville’s books is always a good idea: you will always find something new. You will understand some things on a deeper level and some other things will completely change the meaning that you thought they had previously.

If the interpretation of the Golden Rule that includes the existence of the physical other and not only God is what resonates better with you, then take it and run with it. But remember, there is never any reason to punish yourself for your desires. If you want the world to be in harmony, imagine only loving things for others. That goes with or without the physical other. Everything always returns to you. You will always experience the consequences of your imaginal acts. So, imagine lovingly.

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