The Power of Words

One of the most common questions that I receive is about intentions and affirmations. Many people are confused with how this works. How come saying “I intend” works for this person but not the other? Well, the short answer to that lies in: use the words that resonate with you.

Let’s take mental diet as an example. If you are on a mental diet, then you know that you have to change your negative thoughts into positive thoughts. What are thoughts? They are words that you hear in your mind that automatically create images that get impressed on your subconscious. I will get back to this later but first… One of the teachers who talks a lot about the mental diet is Amanda. I think she is a lovely individual who truly wants to help but many times I get questions about the wording she uses. She often uses the words, “I intend”. I want to address this once and for all: the words “I intend” are the words that work for her. They resonate with her! It’s the same as using the words such as “I remember when”. It’s just words. Many of her clients have adopted her way of wording things but you are not limited to that. You can word your affirmations differently. So, let’s look into this.



As I was saying, Amanda likes to use the words “I intend” in her affirmations. This does not resonate with everyone. That is perfectly alright. She never said that you are not going to be successful if you use any other words.

People ask me all the time whether or not saying that we intend for something to happen is putting it into the future. Well, in my opinion, it is not. It is simply commanding that you want to align with the reality in which this already exists. I mean… You are God. You can command. Try it out. Use the words such as “I command”. See if that resonates more! But the point is, as long as the words that you use make you feel the feelings of the wish fulfilled, you are good. Personally, I sometimes use affirmations with a future tense and they still come to pass. It’s all about building that confidence in your manifesting skills!

Therefore, I repeat: if using ” I intend” doesn’t resonate with you, you are free to use any other phrase! You make the rules anyway! Personally, I like to use the phrases “I reject” and “I accept”. Because Neville talks about rejecting and accepting things into our reality, these phrases really resonate with me and have an instant affect. If I am in any kind of physical discomfort, I simply reject that. I have recently gotten rid of very stubborn patches of dry skin that I couldn’t get rid of for months. I never really bothered to get rid of them using Neville’s way because the lotions I was using were working (hello quibble) but not this time. I was at my wits’ end when I realized the only reason nothing is working anymore is because I keep living my life as if I have dry skin. I use lotions to get rid of it, I was in the state of fear that others would notice it (and they did) and all the other uncomfortable stuff that exists in that state. From that point on, I simply shifted into another state. I ran out of lotion anyway so I did a simple, simple scene every evening where I would touch my skin and it was absolutely healed. If I got itchy throughout the day, I would simply say, “I reject to see this as anything but my skin healing”. The itching would immediately go away. After a week of doing this, my skin returned to normal. It is now completely healed!

Well, you know what? The words “I reject” aren’t magical. It wasn’t them that manifested this, it was me. These words simply helped me feel like there was no issue to begin with. Same goes for “I intend”! Somebody else might have used that phrase and it would have worked the same way. Different techniques resonate with different people. It’s when we start dissecting them and trying to figure out why they work or don’t work that we create an issue. This is because we put the power into the words, instead of understanding that we are the operant power. We are the ones that are letting these words work for us. We allow them to put us in a certain state!


“I will not climb a ladder”

One of the most popular exercises in the NG community is climbing a ladder. This exercise consists of visualizing yourself climbing a ladder while you are in SATS and also putting the notes that you will not climb a ladder everywhere. However, people still end up climbing the ladder. Now, there is an explanation for this that I learned in the psychology class and it became a belief: your brain doesn’t register the words “not” and “no”. I want to explain it in the terms of how our minds create though!

I have talked about this before but your mind is always creating images. That is the way your mind communicates. Words are instantly turned into pictures. A very well known example is when somebody tells you not to think of a pink elephant. Well… You just saw a pink elephant, didn’t you? It’s the same with anything else, really! If you tell yourself that something won’t happen, you are still focusing on it. This is why it’s important to pay attention to the way you construct your affirmations and why many people will tell you to always use positive statement. So for example, if you want to get rid of a third party, you wouldn’t be saying, “The third party does not exist” as that still creates the picture of a third party in your mind. But if you are saying, “I am the only one for my partner”, there is no third party involved in this whatsoever, unless you overthink it.

Try it! Say you won’t manifest a thousand dollars. What picture are you seeing in your mind’s eye? A thousand dollars? See, you are still seeing the money, despite saying you won’t manifest it. The same thing happens with people who say they won’t climb a ladder. An important difference here is that they are imagining themselves climbing a ladder as they are falling asleep. The easiest way to impress your subconscious it when you are in SATS. I believe that you would still climb a ladder, even if you didn’t visualize. It doesn’t matter if you are saying you will or will not climb a ladder, because you are still feeling yourself climbing a ladder when you say it like that. It’s automatic.


I hope this also makes it clear why it’s possible to manifest even if you have doubts. Whatever you focus on is what you manifest. Whatever picture you keep recreating in your mind’s eye is what manifests into your reality. This is why mental diet works and this is why you will find it easy to manifest when you are on a mental diet: because you are persistently imagining the same thing!

Of course, at the end of the day, you decide what works. So decide now what technique you are going to use and decide that it will work for you! Decide that it will help you shift into the state of the wish fulfilled and remain there. Trust yourself enough to know that you can set the rules and that things will manifest by those rules. Today and always.

“Everything now formed and called a fact was once only an image in the mind of someone who persisted in that image and projected it onto the screen of space.”

Christ Is Your Life, Neville Goddard

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