Make Your Mental Diet Easier With Revision

You have, at any given moment, a choice to use the power of your thoughts to move yourself into a completely new dwelling place. If the technique you choose to move into a new state is a mental diet, then this article may help you make it easier for you.

“My mental diet is exhausting me.” This topic has already been talked about here but I want to expand it. I want to make it easier for you to stay in your new state instead of going back and forth between your new state and your old state. Going back and forth is what makes you feel exhausted. Forcing yourself to think about a thing in a positive manner and then reacting to the negative version of it in your current reality… That is what’s making you exhausted. What you are doing here is forcing yourself to enter a new state but at the same time you are still reacting to your outside world. Your outside world is a result of the things that you’ve done in your imagination, but in your old state. When you react to what is happening on the outside right now, you are reinfecting yourself. You may not see it this way but if you are reinfecting yourself, or recreating by reacting, then you are jumping back to your old state in which you created this in the first place. If you were in the new state then you wouldn’t be recreating it because you would be focused on what you want. And if what you want is not yet showing in your outside world but you are reacting to your outside world, then you have not changed your state completely.

Okay, hopefully this wasn’t overly confusing and let’s get to the point here! If you are constantly shifting from your old state to your new state the way I described it in the previous paragraph, I want you to answer this truthfully: is there something in your past, a particular moment, a particular thing somebody said to you, a particular emotion that somebody made you feel, that you keep going back to? Is this thing from your past the reason you keep falling back into your old state? Is this thing from your past the reason you keep reinfecting yourself because you cannot get it out of your mind? Is this thing from your past something that you cannot forgive yourself for, making it impossible for you to forget it?

I have a solution for you. It may seem like it was in front of you all along and you just didn’t apply it but I find that not many people actually use this technique. And yet, this technique can be so useful if you want to see results with your mental diet, if you actually want to make it easier for yourself, if you want to stop going back and forth! REVISE IT. You heard me. Whatever that thing is that you keep going back to in your mind, whatever is this negative memory that is making you feel doubtful and unable to have a good mental diet, R E V I S E IT!

It doesn’t take long to do it and it doesn’t take long to see the results. Take 5 or 10 minutes and loop a revised version of your memory. If you keep going back to the moment when your SP told you that they were with someone else, change it to them saying that they’ve met someone and came to the conclusion that nobody compares to you. If you can, you can also revise it so that that announcement is completely removed from your conversation. If you keep going back to the moment when you got fired from your job, revise it so that your boss praises you instead. If you keep going back to the moment when you didn’t win that free trip you wanted to win, revise it so that you see the letter that you’ve received in the mail in which the company that was giving away this free trip congratulates you on winning.

I don’t care what it is. The only thing I care about is that you forgive yourself for creating it. True forgiveness means forgetting. Just like revision! When you revise something and loop it enough times for you to believe it, you forget what actually happened! So revise it! Revise it so that you stop tripping up on your mental diet, so that you stop going back to this moment in time when things didn’t go as planned.

If you cannot persist long enough to see results… If you cannot forget something… If you cannot discipline your mind enough to stop it from going back and replaying whatever it is that is stopping you from having a good mental diet… If you cannot make the jump from one belief to another… If you cannot claim something fully and truly believe that it is already yours because of something that happened in the past, something that keeps coming back to hunt you… It is a sure sign that you must REVISE IT.

Do it. Now.

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