On Quibbles & Why You Do Not Have To Eliminate All Of Your Limiting Beliefs Before Manifesting Something

“You have quibbles, Neville”, said Abdullah. Well, we all have quibbles, don’t we? Quibbles are those little limiting beliefs or rules that we don’t even perceive as limiting anymore because they have been a part of our lives since forever.

Many times people ask me, “Well, do I have to get rid of all of my limiting beliefs before I can manifest this or that?” My answer is, “No.” You do not have to eliminate all of your limiting beliefs in order to manifest something. We have been manifesting our entire lives. But we have these limiting beliefs and rules, these quibbles as Abdullah called them, that can govern the “how” of the manifestation without us even noticing it. It’s something that’s always been there. It’s something that seems to be universally accepted. They are little rules that we impose on ourselves since forever. These little rules, if they are followed, will produce results.

Let’s take weight loss as an example. I used to be obsessed with my own personal appearance for years. I was not happy with this, then I was not happy with that. It seems like there was always something missing or wrong with my body. I was too thin, then I was too thick. So, I would be on diets and fail and try another diet and fail and try another one and keep going in circles. I always wondered… How come some people succeed on this diet and others do not? I always came across mixed results and reviews. It didn’t make any sense. If something is supposed to work… Then isn’t it supposed to work for everyone? Well, the difference was the belief of the person that decided to get on a certain diet. I can tell you, in my whole entire life, I had been successful with a diet only once and that was when I was eating way too little and working out way too much. I thought that was the fastest way to actually lose the weight and so it worked. I wouldn’t perceive it as the healthiest option, I am sure not many of you would, but it was what I believed in that moment and it was what worked for me.

So, here I am, 7 years later and I am very happy with where I am, although there are still things on my body that I want to change. But, I am no longer searching for the next diet, the next work out plan or whatever other alternative method there is. I know that I can simply assume that I am already there and I will be led to those results. Maybe I will wake up one day and feel like working out. Or maybe I will start eating less food. Maybe I will find certain types of food that are supposed to be unhealthy, like candy, all of a sudden disgusting. Because there are my quibbles. These are the little beliefs that govern my life. Could I get rid of them? Absolutely. Do I see it as necessary? Nah. Not at all. I actually like working out, so I don’t mind being led there at all.

Your quibbles have the power to govern your life to a degree. You probably wouldn’t even notice them. And it’s quibbles that prove that we do not have to eliminate all of our limiting beliefs in order to change something. Of course, it’s all about perception as well. You may see some of your quibbles as positive and some as negative. I don’t necessarily think that my belief that I cannot get drunk quickly is a good quibble per se, same as I wouldn’t say that my belief that I can eat however much I want and not gain weight is negative because it means that I can eat food that could be perceived as unhealthy. We interpret different things differently and that is completely fine. It makes life more fun.

At the end of the day, it’s all about your beliefs and your beliefs only. There are skinny people who eat like Roman emperors and don’t gain weight. There are plus size people who have to watch every calorie or they will gain weight in like… 2 minutes. I was never plus size but I did belong to this second group for a while. I remember having a conversation with my mother after I had gained some weight. She told me, “I don’t understand how you gain weight so quickly. You eat less than me.” Now I know why things were the way they were. I believed that anything and everything will make me fat, even the air I breathe. But! I am getting off the track. These are some big beliefs, not the quibbles.

I guess the best way to describe quibbles in this case would be little rules/beliefs that accompany our root beliefs. Here are a few examples to make it more clear:
Weight loss: In order to lose weight, you must work out and eat healthy.
SP: In order to get your SP, you must contact them first because they have no idea that you exist.
New job: You must find a job offer.
New car/house: You must go looking for them.
Better relationship with a family member/a friend: You must have an honest conversation with them about the things that happened in the past.
More money: You need to work harder.

If you recognize any of these rules as your own, do not freak out or think that it’s the end of the world. It’s not. It’s really just another thing that can easily be eliminated. Most of the time it doesn’t have to be. You can use them to your advantage.
Weight loss: If you like working out and eating healthy, it doesn’t matter. If that’s what “tricks” your brain into thinking that you are losing weight as we speak, then you don’t have to force yourself to change this belief. It’s not necessary.
SP: Well, whether you believe me or not, years ago I had a crush on this guy that isn’t even that famous but he was a stand-in for an actor on my favourite show. Either way, I still perceived him to be untouchable. I didn’t know about manifesting and he definitely didn’t know anything about me but a few weeks after I kind of forgot about him and moved on, he messaged me on Tumblr. He told me, “Hey, Tumblr told me to message you!” I guess my obsession with his blog turned into a bridge of incidents because Tumblr put me on the list of the people that he may know. That, to me, is a proof that I do not need to chase anyone. Even if they don’t know who I am, God will still find a way to create the bridge of incidents. Of course, you can reach out to them and all of that but if you are coming from a place of, “Oh, they won’t notice me, they have thousands of followers” or, “Well, this ex already forgot about me and moved on” then this belief can be quite limiting.
New job/car/house: Yeah, I know, it’s hard to believe that something like that can fall into your lap but how many times has somebody else, a friend, a family member or even your postman brought something to your attention? But, if you do not want to eliminate this belief, then you must be confident that the job/car/house that you chose is already yours. Yeah, you went looking for them consciously, but that’s what we have been doing before we knew about Neville. I mean… I choose a hotel and believe it’s empty if I’m going somewhere. We all do. It’s not necessary but it’s also not a belief that can cripple you.
Better relationship: If you believe that conversation can solve anything, go for it. But it doesn’t have to be that way. I had a very strange relationship with my mother for years and it changed for the better once I changed my mental diet and stopped seeing everything she was doing as, “She just wants to annoy me or control me.”
More money: Having to work hard for the money is a belief many people have. This one can indeed prove to be limiting but you can turn it around and use it in your advantage. What if tomorrow, instead of getting one big hard project to work on, you got a bunch of smaller simpler projects? Technically, you wouldn’t be working harder, would you?

Either way, it is up to you to recognize these little rules you are setting for yourself and to either eliminate them or learn to manipulate them into your own favour. Can you live in a world without any rules? Probably not. I get the desire to be completely free of any limitations. I think many people have this desire. But a true freedom is accomplished when we stop looking at things as limiting and learn to use them for our own good.

So… Do you have to eliminate all of your limiting beliefs in order to manifest something? Absolutely not. Do you have to follow the rules that you have been following so far? Absolutely not. The choice is yours. It always is. But I want you to know that all that is asked of you is to assume that your desires are already yours. You will be led across the bridge of incidents and this bridge of incidents will follow the rules that you have set for yourself. And if you don’t like it… You can always change the rules so the next time you are in the same situation, things will be easier.


You cannot be limited unless you assume so.

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