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In this Q&A, we will answer 5 questions that we consider will help out the biggest number of readers. We have received more questions but they are all, more or less, about the same topic. If you still feel that your question hasn’t been properly answered in this Q&A, feel free to send another e-mail or post it on our subreddit. We answered these questions together, hence why we use the pronoun “we” repeatedly.


Q: I would like to ask something about expectation, for example, if I am going outside and I make an intention to run into my SP does expecting it stop it from coming because many times we see that manifestations happen in the most unexpected ways?

A: Expectations… Aren’t we always expecting something? No, expectation does not stop your manifestation from happening. We think that people who tell you that expecting something from happening are confusing this term with the term “obsession”. In your case, if you are walking around the town, literally looking all around you with the purpose of locating your SP, then that’s not expectation. That’s a sort of desperation and it will very likely just postpone your manifestation. Expectation means that we are 100% sure that something will happen. So, you set your intention and you go to the town. You know that you will see him there. You know the work has been done the minute you’ve set your intention and you have no problem focusing on other things. In other words, you have faith that no matter what, you will see him there and then. And that sounds very similar to the manifesting process, doesn’t it? This doesn’t eliminate the possibility of it happening in an unexpected way in any way. However, at the end of the day, it comes down to your beliefs. It comes down to what you believe is true and if you believe that expecting something is wrong and something that hinders your manifesting process, then, ironically enough, that will manifest in your reality.


Q: One thing I would like to ask is when we make intentions, for me personally I like to speak things into existence and use I intend or I am statements or whatever feels natural to me, so when we do them and they don’t come true instantly or even that week do we just let them go or keep persisting in making these intentions, in my case keep reminding myself of them when needed?

A: If your manifestation didn’t come to pass instantly, that’s okay. Take some time to remind yourself that time is an illusion and that the time delays are results of us not convincing ourselves that our desired reality is now really our new reality. The time it takes for something to become true is the time it takes for ourselves to convince ourselves of the truthfulness of it. With some things it takes a little bit of time. Especially if you are manifesting a big change in your life! In other words, if something doesn’t come to pass instantly, you must persist. Examine yourself. See if you are actually affirming the opposite of what you are intending throughout the day, when you aren’t affirming that what you want is already yours. We have to become aware of the fact that we are always creating. So, if your intention didn’t work out right away, don’t dismiss it as a failure. In this physical reality, it takes some persistence to get to where we want to be. Now, it depends on what you are talking about as well. If you are like me and you are using the Law to “cheat” in video games and you lose when you imagined winning or hitting a new high score, keep setting the intention to win everytime you play again. And if you fail 70 times 7, you repeat the intention 70 times 7. At the end, it will seem like it was bound to happen anyway but that’s what happens with all manifestations anyway! To quote Neville on this:

“Here we are being told to imagine until the eye is fixed as though nailed with a sword. It may happen the first time or it may take a thousand times to persuade yourself that things are as you desire them to be, and not as they appear to be. But, to the degree that you are self-persuaded that you have done it in your imagination, will the outer world reflect its harmony.”

Seventy Times Seven, Neville Goddard

Now, let us make one more thing clear, you do not have to repeat your intention 24/7. That is not required of you. But, when you think about your desire, you must think about it from the perspective of it already being done. You have seen it in your imagination, therefore it must be true. Be persistent. Another way to go about this is to jump straight to your root beliefs. What is stopping you now from believing that you are God? Fear? Doubt? Confront them. Once you confront these fears and doubts, and you test yourself enough to know that God really is one with you, you will find it so easy to set an intention and let go naturally. You won’t think about it with doubts anymore. You won’t wonder if you’ve done it right and you won’t wonder if it’s even possible. You will just know it.


Q: Saying intentions vs I am affirmations. There is a mixed reception to intentions as some people say it’s bad vs people that say it’s good.

A: My friend, there is a mixed reception with all techniques. At least to some extent! Just check out how many people do not believe in the 2-cup method and consider it bollocks. The truth is, whatever you think works, works! You can even come up with your own technique. But, we must be careful. If we are placing all of our power into this one technique, then we are “forgetting” that it’s actually our beliefs, our thoughts that are creating this and not the technique. Techniques are relevant only as far as catching the mood of the wish fulfilled goes. Once you get to the point where you know that it is done because you have experienced it in your imagination, you no longer need any techniques. Another thing we want to tell you about the “good” and the “bad” is that you yourself choose what is good and what is bad in your own world. It’s all about the subjective experience! You in no way have to accept the opinions of others as rules in your reality. You create your own rules. Use whatever technique resonates with you. From our personal experiences, we can both confirm that both “I Am” statements and intentions work! None of the techniques are mutually exclusive. With time, techniques will become so irrelevant, you will be able to simply accept what you want as real and go about your day without doing any techniques. It takes some time and persistence to get there but you will get there and then you will see that techniques are the last thing you should be worried about. Assume you are doing it correctly and assume that the technique of your choice is working perfectly! That’s all it takes.


Q: Health issues, or how to embody health/affirmations, remaining strong despite doctors/tests/results etc.

A: Right now, you are embodying the state of illness. The only difference between illness and health is the state that you choose to embody. The fastest way to change your state is to assume that the opposite of what is happening is true. But, since you are mentioning results from doctors, we will go into a little more depth and hopefully this will be helpful to you and put your mind at ease. When you are thinking about your health right now, your thoughts are probably revolving around the illness itself, your next doctor’s appointment, past test results or the fear of your future test results. If you were now the person that you desire to be, a healthy person, your thoughts would not revolve around the same things. You probably wouldn’t even think about your health. We both agreed that neither one of us really thinks about our health. We just accept is as natural that we are healthy and completely forget about it. We don’t go around thinking, “I am healthy, I am healthy, I am healthy” but when we do think about our health, there is no doubt in our minds that we are healthy. This is the state that you want to embody. Right now it may seem to be so far away from your current state or far away from the truth because you are used to the state of illness. But one way to ease yourself into the state of health is to take it one step at the time. Would it feel natural to you to imagine it step by step? If it would feel natural to you to imagine it that way, then do not hesitate to do so. So, here are a few suggestions:

MENTAL DIET: Whenever you think of your illness, you remind yourself that you are healthy already. When you catch yourself thinking about the issues that your current state of health is causing you, you calm down and allow for your emotions to get back into a sort of neutral place. Then you affirm that your current state is temporary or that it’s already been resolved. Whatever resonates with you more!
SATS/VISUALIZING: When you are fearful of your next test results, take some time and visualize receiving good news. See your doctor congratulate you on getting better and better. Feel into it and repeat before falling asleep, during the SATS.
Another option is to create a scene where you are telling somebody close to you that you have beaten this illness. Your health is back to normal. You are perfectly alright. See them rejoice. This is also another scene that you could use during SATS.
GRATITUDE: This is not a technique by itself but the feeling of gratitude can help you a great deal. Become grateful for what you have experienced during your SATS or mental diet. Be grateful for your health. Be grateful for good test results. Make them seem like a memory, rather than an imaginal act.

At the end of the day it comes down to taking your attention away from the illness as it is and completely focusing on health only. This is not easy if your current reality is showing you otherwise but you have to remind yourself that your current reality is a result of the things that you have believed in the past. That will help you separate this reality from your desired reality and live in your imagination more than you live in your “real world”. But even if your current reality is showing you something completely opposite, you have to remind yourself that this is just a bridge of incidents that will take you to where you want to be. Use this affirmation: I am grateful that everything always works out the way I want it to!


Q: I would like to give you my appreciation for your hard work posting all these beautiful articles. I’m manifesting my SP who lives in another country since some months ago. I already know that he and I have a happy marriage. Of course, I won’t deny that sometimes I got negative thoughts since the only “bridge of incidents” that I have is only my own awareness. I would like to know if you do some affirmations for example “the guy I love, loves me back”, “he loves sending me messages” is something that is messing with middle?

A: I appreciate you reading them and reaching out to us, thank you! Now… “Creation is finished.” If we truly believe that the creation is finished, then what is messing with the middle? Messing with the middle could only be creating delays by our own contradicting thoughts or not taking the leap the of faith. Do not view messing with the middle as something that will completely ruin your manifestation or take it away from you. Nothing can be taken from you. It was given to you because you and your Father are One and it cannot be taken. But, you can stand in your own way. The way you stand in your own way is by building limiting beliefs. One of them is a belief that you can mess with the middle. But I’m telling you from my own personal experience, I have “messed with the middle” more times than I can count when my faith was wavering and I still got my manifestations. They were delayed. That in itself is a limiting belief as well, I will admit, but I have found myself thinking that things would’ve moved faster had I just had faith and let go of trying to control the “how”. Messing with the middle is worrying about the “how”. And yet, we already know that that is none of our concerns. Now, in regards to your affirmations here, I see nothing wrong with them. Why wouldn’t you affirm that the person that you love loves you back if you were in a relationship? Yes, you would believe that they love you back, why else would they be with you? And yes, they would love talking to you. There is nothing wrong with manifesting texts. But if you decide to go down that path, you should be aware that if you manifest a text and it doesn’t say what you want it to say, you shouldn’t be upset or consider it a failure. You should take it as a success on its own and proceed to assume from there on that this is exactly what is leading to your reconciliation or marriage.


Thank you for submitting your questions! We enjoy having Q&A sessions and answering your guys’ questions directly, as well as through articles that you request from us. We hope to continue to connect with you guys more and we are looking forward to the next Q&A session. You can submit your questions for the next session here.


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