Are You Allowing The Limits Of Others To Limit You?

Often times we hear, “there are no limits”. But then, we still manage to find them in ourselves or in works of the teachers that we are following. However, we must understand that the only limits that exist in our worlds are the limits that we accept as our own.

For many people who only now started learning about the Law, the limits may still be based on something that is happening in the outside world. The second step is usually accepting the limits that Neville mentions in his works, or any other teacher for that matter. You may find yourself googling things like, “Can I really manifest a specific person?” or “Is this possible?” If this is what you are doing, stop for a second and ask yourself: why do you think that something is possible only if others have done it before you? This, in itself, is a limit you are accepting as your own. If you think that something is possible only if there is a success story about it, from a person who was in the exact same circumstances as you, you are limiting yourself.

Free yourself. Free yourself by accepting that limitations that you had in your past are no longer your limitations. Free yourself by creating beliefs that do not limit you. No more, “I can manifest this but I cannot manifest that”. Don’t you see what you are doing? You are creating your own world. You do not have to accept anybody else’s rules or limitations. You can create your own.

Many times I come across people who completely limit themselves by accepting exactly what one teacher taught or teaches and they reject to see the bigger picture. They are so focused on this one teacher that they accept all the limitations that this teacher imposes on themselves. Well, there is nothing wrong with following one teacher. You are probably here because of Neville and yes, he is my favourite teacher as well, but Neville had his limitations as well. Thinking that his rules must be your rules just because you are doing the same techniques that he is doing, or something like that… Well, you are, again, completely unnecessarily limiting yourself.

Neville’s beliefs and Neville’s limiting beliefs changed through his teachings. If they haven’t, would you still believe in his work? I know I wouldn’t. For somebody who is new to this, it may seem exactly the opposite. But listen to me now! If you are new to his teachings and you are not reading his work in a chronological order and you are coming across all of these seemingly contradicting things that he said through his teachings, stop for a moment and think about it: don’t our limiting beliefs fade away as we free ourselves more and more? Mine did. Yours will. I can claim that with a certainty. I used to think that I cannot control the nature. Now? Manifesting a change of weather is the easiest thing for me. Throughout your life, you were probably taught that we are at the mercy of nature. Well, if you can stop a hurricane in its tracks, and you stop this seemingly huge power in this world that isn’t supposed to be under anyone’s command, then who is the real boss here?!

Now, don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that you need to seek out other teachers and expand your knowledge based on what they are teaching. They are all saying the same thing in their own way anyway. But you do not have to accept the limits that they try to impose on you! If they tell you that you are God but you can’t do this thing or the other, then how can they claim that you are God to begin with? No matter what backgrounds we have and what religions we grew up in, I think we can all agree that God is supposed to be limitless. There is nothing that is impossible to God. So if God is limitless, and I am one with Him, then aren’t all things possible to me too? And here I am not talking about useless things that I see no sense in manifesting, like growing an extra head. I am talking about things that we all want in abundance, things that make our lives in this physical reality more comfortable: money, love, health, wisdom, etc.

“So, if I am really free in the sense that I have been delivered from Egypt, it means that my imagination is so controlled – and I am one with it, that I refuse to accept the ‘facts’ of life unless they conform to the ideals that I want to enjoy in my world.”

Neville Goddard: No Other Gods

True freedom is about rejecting anything that isn’t aligned with the life that you would consider to be ideal. True freedom is about accepting your imagination as the tool which helps you select that life. If you can imagine, then it is done.

So, what if others tell you that you can’t do this thing or the other? It doesn’t matter. The only competition that you have is yourself. Always. Everybody is you pushed out anyway. I acknowledge and accept that people in my reality are different and have different limitations and that is what I am seeing. Perhaps you are doing the same thing. So, do not get upset because somebody said that you cannot manifest your desire. It’s better to ask yourself: why do I accept their opinion as a fact? They are you pushed out, so they must be showing you your doubts or your beliefs. But at the end of the day, the answers are already inside you.

If you know that the only rules that you need to live by are your own rules, then you also know that the only limits you have to live by are your own. It doesn’t matter what anyone says, not even Neville. You are free to accept and reject the things being taught to you. Everything you have created so far is a subject to your beliefs. Choose your beliefs wisely.

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