Do It Because You Deserve To Live A Happy Life

Finding out about the Law is not only about learning how this reality is created. Once you find out about the Law, you realize that you hold all the power in your hands (or your mind, huh?) You can turn your life around and create the life of your dreams. And yet so many of us sit around and don’t practice. We read and we learn and we highlight quotes and we look for another success story or an inspirational post or another video… Here is how I motivated myself to start practicing and manifesting life changing experiences.

I knew about Neville and his teachings for a few months before I actually started manifesting life changing events and experiences. Why didn’t I start doing that right away? I believe it is because I always had a fear of it not working. I tested it with small things and those manifestations more than often seemed as coincidences to the old me. Since the teachings sounded so nice and beautiful and it all made sense, I was afraid that if it fails with big things, my entire world would shatter yet again.

It is also my belief that most of us have found Neville when we were going through something heartbreaking. Another belief I have is that people who only read and don’t practice have the same fear that I’ve had. After all, you have already experienced something so painful and this painful experience brought you to Neville. Neville’s teachings sound dandy but what if they don’t work for you? See, this kind of thinking doesn’t only come from fear. It comes from the lack of faith as well. But we can’t build our faith without testing it. Ironic, isn’t it?

If you are at this point of your journey, it is the ideal time to take the leap of faith. I have already talked about it in my previous post. It is time to give up all your old beliefs and buy the pearl!

“So great is this pearl, so valuable, it takes everything that you own to buy it. Now you don’t go and liquidate your stocks and bonds… You don’t sell your homes, you don’t sell anything in the world of Caesar. But it takes everything that you now believe in other than it to pay for it. You believe in astrology? You’ve got to sell it. You believe in numerology, in teacup leaves, in numerology and all these things? No matter what you believe in as a power to control you, you’ve got to sell it. It takes the belief – all these beliefs – and you’ve got to sell them. No one will buy them from you! But you give them up as valueless! Therefore, there’s no price attached, no value whatsoever. But you can’t hold on to one thing you now believe in as a power that controls your life and still hope to buy the pearl of great price. Everything you now believe in, whether it be even the drugs that you take, even the things – the diets, if you’re a vegetarian and you think that’s the way to God, if you’re a meat-eater and you think that’s the way to God, if you’re a non-smoker, non-drinker, and that’s the way to God… Or if you are a smoker and a drinker and that’s the way to God. There is no way to God but Christ. I AM THE WAY. There is no other way. “

The Pearl of Great Price, Neville Goddard

You must abandon everything that you have believed in until now. Not literally. You have to abandon beliefs in things that hold the power over you. It’s not just about astrology! It’s also about believing in what our senses perceive as real. Once you take the leap of faith, you must abandon the old story. So what if your specific person said they no longer love you? You abandon that story and create a story in which you and your specific person are the most loving couple in your universe!

You have nothing to lose. And yes, you will have to convince yourself that taking this leap of faith is really worth it… The way I’ve convinced myself to take the leap of faith was by writing down the list of why I deserve my dream life. I won’t copy the entire thing here because some of the things I have written down contained my old story and I have since moved on from it and do not wish to reinfect myself. But here is a list that you can use as well:

  • Do it because you deserve your dream life.
  • Do it because you have nothing to lose.
  • Do it because you are good enough.
  • Do it because you deserve happiness.
  • Do it because the only way to know if this is real is by taking the leap of faith.
  • Do it because you deserve a loving relationship with a person who adores you and whom you adore.
  • Do it because you deserve to live a life where money is never a problem.
  • Do it because you deserve to have a great job that you love and you are passionate about.
  • Do it because your mind is the only reality there is.
  • Do it because this will prove it once and for all.
  • Do it because once you prove it and get your first manifestation, you will start manifesting with so much ease and faith.
  • Do it because those around you deserve a happy life too. They are you pushed out and you create/choose for them as well.
  • Do it because your specific person deserves to be loved by somebody as awesome as you are.
  • Do it because you deserve health.
  • Do it because what now may seem like insanity will turn out to be your savior.
  • Do it because you deserve to feel happy and fulfilled.
  • Do it because you deserve to be loved.
  • Do it because there is no price to pay.
  • Do it because others before you have done it and there is nothing that is standing in your way but your own fears and doubts.
  • Do it because this is something that has the power to change your entire life.
  • Do it because so far you have been surrendering yourself to old stories that didn’t serve you and it’s about time for you to surrender to a story that does serve you.
  • Do it because you deserve a better story.
  • Do it because you believe that Neville’s teachings are true.
  • Do it because you are worthy of all of your desires and you wouldn’t have them if you weren’t worthy of them.
  • Do it because you deserve to be as successful, loved and appreciated as you wish to be.
  • Do it because you are tired of the way things are now.
  • Do it because you deserve a positive change in your life.

“Faith is not complete until through experiment it becomes experience. God’s promise cannot be tested. It cannot be earned, for it is given by grace. But your faith will be increased when you experiment, when you test God’s law. It is easier to accept the Christian faith than to live by it, but you must live by it for your faith to grow.”

Test Yourselves, Neville Goddard

Let’s not forget… Learning is okay. But there is no amount of knowledge that you need to acquire before you can start testing it. I started testing it with small things as soon as I found out about the Law but I was fearful of testing it with the big things for months. I took a leap of faith and here I am. I shared my success story. Do the same because you deserve to share your success story with the rest of us as well!

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