Reader’s Request: Inspired Action

Many times, people ask us whether or not they should take a certain action in order to help their desires manifest. In this post, I hope to answer some of the more common questions that people tend to ask. But first, I am going to define the inspired action, as per my reader: inspired action is not a defined, planned action. It is an action that unexpectedly leads to results. It’s not the action you take to manipulate the manifestation in any way, it is exactly the opposite. It is the action you take without thinking it through. It is the action during which you are focused on something completely different and something that has nothing to do with your manifestation, at least not in that moment.

“When something happens, search your thoughts and you will discover your own wonderful human imagination to be the cause of your experience, because God is a person.”

Yours For The Taking, Neville Goddard

Everything that exists was first imagined. Through my own personal experience I have come to see that actions that we take in the world of senses, the world of Caesar as Neville calls it, are simply the results of our thoughts.

“A thought acted upon is an imaginal act. Think (imagine) a horrible earthquake and God will give it to you. Imagine (think of) a war and God will provide that, too. Imagine peace and you will have it. God will give you health if you will but imagine being healthy. Imagine success and you will have it. The moment you think, you are feeding your imagination, which is a person. I use the word person deliberately, for you are a person. You are the mask God is now wearing, for God became you that you may become God.”

Yours For The Taking, Neville Goddard

When Neville says that we are acting upon thoughts, he does not mean that we are required to take any actions. All he is referring to are our imaginal acts. I have said this in one of my previous posts, the only thing that is required of you is to actually imagine what you want and believe that you have received it. However, the actions that we take in the physical world are often viewed as the “devil” in this case: people tell us that we wouldn’t be taking any action if we truly lived in the end and they are right. We would believe that we have already received what we want. This is where the inspired action comes in, or as I like to call it, compelling yourself and others to act.

See, if you are living as if you already have what you desire even though you don’t yet see it in your physical world, if you are persisting but a bridge of incidents didn’t yet unfold, then things will start moving sooner or later and you may be “called upon” to take action as well. However, when you are taking this action, you will not be aware of where it is leading. You will feel compelled to do something. I can tell you from my experience that you will not even be thinking about this particular manifestation when you will be moved by your subconscious! In your mind, the thing is already done. The thing is already yours. You already are the person that you want to be. If you truly believe this, then you wouldn’t be wondering if the action you feel like taking is the inspired action.

I have found that when people come to us and ask this question, in most cases, this is because they do not accept who they truly are. They don’t fully believe in their imagination. If you want to embrace Neville’s teachings, then you have to surrender yourself to the faith and knowing that your imagination creates reality.

Let’s make one thing clear before going any further: you have discovered Neville’s teachings at some point in your life and at that point in your life, you were already a person with a bunch of beliefs set in place, a bunch of rules you have made for yourself, principles that you follow. It is not always easy to allow for that person to die, to completely leave this world because you have decided to become a new version of yourself, because you have decided to believe that imagination creates reality and because you have decided this, you are setting yourself free but you must take the leap of faith and abandon who you were in order to be who you want to be!

That being said, you probably have a set of beliefs about the action, the hard work that you need to do in this physical reality. Perhaps you think that imagination is not enough to bring things about and you simply need to take some kind of an action to move things. Well, perhaps you are right. Perhaps you will have to take some action to make things conform to your desired reality. But you will surely not do it coming from a place of lack. Lack in this case could be your lack of faith in the fundamental of Neville’s teachings and the Law: imagination creates reality. All you have to do is imagine yourself being the person that you want to be and know that your thoughts create. Once you’ve got that down, you don’t go around looking for the evidence. You don’t go around wondering if you should take this action or the other.

Now, how will you know that you are not coming from a place of lack? Easy. You will not wonder whether or not this action is leading to your manifestation. Let’s say you are manifesting a specific person. Suddenly, your dog gets sick and you have to take him to the vet. Instead of thinking that this may help you get back in contact with your specific person, you would be worried about your dog. So you see, you are taking the action to help your dog (and using your imagination to hear the vet say that he is fine, it is just a minor inconvenience) but then, while you are there, you may end up seeing your specific person and talking to them. Maybe his cat got sick and he is waiting at the vet too. Who knows? Well, God knows. But my point is this: when you are taking an action in order to try and manipulate the end result in any way, and most common reason for this being you trying to speed up the manifestation, you are coming from a place of lack. That is not inspired action.

“You think you can imagine and not affect others? It is like the wake: in time it encompasses the whole world. It starts as a little “v” but it grows wider and wider. Everyone will be in some way influenced by my pattern. If one knows what he wants for himself or for others and remains faithful to it, he does not have to ask: ‘Who will help me?’ For every person who must play a part will play it to make possible the fulfillment of that dream.”

That Which Already Has Been, Neville Goddard

In the example I have given you, your dog was affected and so was your specific person’s cat. That indirectly affected both of you as well! It gave you a chance to come together but in the moment your dog got sick, you weren’t aware of where this will lead you.

One important thing I would like to mention here is this: I know many of you watch Amanda’s videos and I know she says that it is okay to take action, as long as your state of mind is right. Well, here in this post I am talking about inspired action and strictly about inspired action. I have received questions about this on a couple of occasions and wanted to address it directly. The action that Amanda talks about is the action that you would take when you are in the right state of mind. The right state of mind doesn’t include you wondering whether something is an inspired action and I think that is an important difference that needs to be emphasized, since I do, actually, agree with her that if you are in the right state of mind, if you are confident about your results, you can take action. If your faith is unshakable, you are confident in yourself and you know that you will get a positive answer when you, for example, ask your person out, then that’s not inspired action. That’s simply action and your faith in the outcome will yield results.

And, here is one more example to show you that you don’t only compel others. You, in some strange way, compel yourself as well!

A couple of weeks ago, one of my cats didn’t come home. He always shows up around the same time, eats his meal and then sleeps in the house throughout the night. I live in the country, so my cats are always free to roam around during the day but are used to getting home in the evening. Him not showing up was rather alarming but I know he will always come home, even if it’s at 4 AM in the morning. But, I was a little bit worried so I laid down in my bed, entered SATS and imagined him coming home. I imagined I heard him meow outside of the front door, ran downstairs to unlock the door and let him in and one small thing I added there was that he was meowing really loudly and despite me telling him to keep his meowing down, he woke up everyone. Then I gave him his meal and waited for him to finish it. Well, 10 PM rolled around and I heard him meow, ran downstairs, unlocked the door, let him in, he meowed loudly, I told him to keep his meowing down, gave him his meal and waited for him. The next day, I found out that he did indeed wake up everyone in the house. It wasn’t until I was waiting for him to finish his meal that I realized that I have just relived my imaginal act and I have done everything I imagined doing in that imaginal act. You see, my imaginal act didn’t only influence him and my family as I imagined, it influenced me as well. I did exactly what I did in my imaginal act without even realizing, without ever so much as thinking twice about what I am doing.

This experience made me realize how powerful our imaginal acts are. Of course, it is normal and natural that we influence everyone and everything but I feel that many people miss the point and think that the only people we influence are others, when in actuality we are influencing ourselves. Neville talks about changing no one but ourselves. If you want to see the change in the world, you must first experience that change in your imagination. In other words, you are not influencing people around you. You are influencing yourself.

I could have gone to the end and imagined my cat sleeping on my bed. That would have been the end result anyway. Yes, I could have done that but I imagined the entire process and because I imagined the entire process and it came to pass, I know that the only reason it came to pass is because I imagined it. Everything down to the details, I imagined everything I experienced that evening. We are doing this all the time but we forget that we planted the seed and don’t recognize the harvest!

What people call inspired action, feels the way I felt that night. You do something without even thinking about it, until you “come to your senses”. It doesn’t feel forced. You won’t question it. You will be focused on something else. It may be something completely unrelated to your desire, like in that example I have mentioned above. Or, it could be related to your manifestation. It is up to your subconscious mind to devise the means. It is up to you to believe that it heard you and that everything that happens from that moment on is simply a bridge of incidents, your imaginal act unfolding. You don’t have to imagine the how, like I did. You can imagine the end and only the end. That is something that only you can decide. From my experience, I can tell you that it is, indeed, possible to imagine the how but I rarely concern myself with it.

Neville gave us a very beautiful description of the process of manifestation coming to pass, as well as the process of awakening, in the lecture Believe It In:

“Commit your spirit to your imaginal act, relax and fall asleep knowing its redemption is assured. Then when you least expect it, God will prove to you that he has redeemed you by awakening in you, as you.”


And now, let’s imagine our desires and know it is done.

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