Subjective Experiences – Why Other People’s Methods of Manifesting May Not Be Working For You

The more you apply the Law in your life, the more you start realizing that you are the one who is making all the rules. It’s your beliefs that create your reality. Your thoughts. The things you focus on… If you are aware of this, then you should know that you cannot experience objective reality. You can only experience a subjective reality. This is my first post on this blog and I certainly hope I can explain what I mean that in a clear way.

There are plenty of LOA gurus out there and they are all following different paths that work for them. When I was a beginner, I would often find myself wondering how come this is working for them but not for me? Are they being honest about what methods they are using? Can I really trust them? Shouldn’t there be something universal that works the same way for all beings?

The universal thing that I was wondering about is the Law. What I didn’t realize in that moment is that there are different approaches to the Law. The Law in itself is simple: whatever you pray for, believe that you’ve received it and you will. Often times, beginners think the same way I was thinking: doesn’t that mean there must be one universal way of getting what we want? One technique that is sure to work?

Recently, a friend of mine asked me if somebody can get what they want even if they don’t believe in a technique they are using. Despite this being an interesting question, I couldn’t give her a simple answer that would satisfy both of us. We both believe that thoughts create reality. That is what we see out-pictured in our realities. But, what she asked me was about the other person, not her own beliefs.

The thing is… We cannot know what other person is thinking, can we? Whether you believe that we live in a shared reality or that you live in your own reality, the thoughts of others remain a mystery. Of course, we can decide what they are thinking by believing a certain thing. However, when something doesn’t work out for others, we often hear the excuse that we cannot know what this person was doing or thinking.

Everybody is you pushed out. Consciousness is the only reality. If I believe that thoughts create reality, then of course I cannot experience the opposite. But what if I do? What if I am focused on one thing and receive another? Well, I am asked not to react to it and I will not react to it. My experience has taught me that reinfecting myself is useless. I must be persistent in rejecting what I do not want and accepting what I do want.

So… If everybody is me pushed out and I see the same technique that I have used successfully not working for another, what does that mean? It means that there is still a part of me that acknowledges that not all things work the same way for everyone. This is why we see this diversity of experiences in our realities: we believe in it, therefor we must experience it.

Can I, then, enter another person’s mind and know why a certain thing didn’t work for them? I do not have to! Accepting diversity and having a belief that different things work for different people makes my reality a more interesting place.

This is why you shouldn’t get discouraged if you have done everything from A to Z and still haven’t been successful. If you have been following some successful manifestor’s guidance for months or even years but still haven’t managed to change your life significantly, there is nothing wrong with the technique or the Law. There is nothing wrong with you either! You simply haven’t taken the leap of faith yet.

There is no objectivity in this world. Not when you are experiencing life as a human. There is only subjectivity. You cannot experience a thing through objective eyes. I don’t care what anyone says but the only way to experience things in this world you have created is subjectively. It is your I-AMness that is creating the world round about you. That is the reason God fragmented himself: to experience reality subjectively.

“The objective reality of this world is solely produced by the human imagination, in which all things exist.”

Believe It In, Neville Goddard

To put it in simple terms: God is objective. All things exist in God. God is your human imagination. As a human, you get to choose the things that you want to experience. Because you choose them, only you, nobody else, and no power outside of you chooses them for you, your reality is subjective. This is why different techniques work for different people.

To connect the two explanations that I have given you about the diversity, I will take an example that my friend gave me. Let’s say you have a friend who is always expressing herself in positive ways; so much so that the only conclusion you can make is that all her thoughts are positive. She only encounters positive things in your experience. Do you know why? Because you believe that positive thinking creates positive outcomes and circumstances of your life. In this matter, it doesn’t really matter if this friend of yours is aware of the Law and whether or not she is using it consciously. For the sake of the explanation, let’s say she does not believe in the Law and you decided to explain to her why she is always getting these positive results in her life. Well then, if she decides to reject these teachings but continues thinking positively, she will continue experiencing positive things. If she rejects the teachings and starts thinking negatively, her experience will change. Or… Maybe it’s better to put it this way: if she is you pushed out and you expect that her rejecting these teachings will lead her down the path of negative thinking and doubting, that is what you will see her experience.

Now, to explain it further… The only reason you are experiencing something is because you have allowed it into your experience. You have the power to reject it. For me… Well, I accept diversity. I accept that not all methods work for anyone. If you are like me, you should be careful and especially so if you are comparing your experiences to the experiences of the others.

If you are in the state of copying somebody else’s steps and then finding that it doesn’t work the same way for you, take a deep breath and see what you are feeling about the steps that they have suggested to you. If somebody has recommended a mental diet to you but you can’t seem to get on track with it, what are the feelings that you have related to this? What contradictory thoughts do you have? Are you self-sabotaging yourself? Did you take that leap of faith we always talk about and stubbornly rejected anything that isn’t compatible with your end result and only accepted what is compatible with your end result? People sometimes call it being delusional… Well, it is just temporary, if that is what you are afraid of. Living in your imagination is not delusional at all. Imagination is more real than your outside world because the things in your outside world are already dead. It’s the world filled with past manifestations.

If a mental diet is not working for you, it is because you don’t believe it will work or maybe you aren’t persistent enough. If you aren’t experiencing exactly what you imagined during SATS, it is because you don’t believe that it is possible to control your life like that. Do you believe that imagination creates reality? What does imagination mean to you? Visualizations? Thoughts? Examine yourself and your beliefs in the concepts that you are learning.

At the end of the day, and at the end of this post, if there is anything that I want you to walk away with is the realization that you decide what works in your reality. Your beliefs create your reality. If you want to accept somebody else’s ways, that is fine. You can adopt anything you want as your own way and use it for your benefit. You have been given this tremendous power to not only choose the things that you wish to experience subjectively but also to choose to believe that certain techniques work for you… Because we live in a subjective reality, this is made possible for you. If we lived in an objective reality, same techniques and same ways would work for anyone but God decided to fragment himself when experiencing this subjective reality. Well, I am not the one to complain and neither should you. After all, it adds to the richness of our experiences. If you know that the world is at your command, then imagine better than the best you can.

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