Seedtime And Harvest: Book Analysis, Chapter 1

Wanting to obtain our desires isn’t something that any of us is shy about. We want what we want. We dream about it all day long, we think about it before going to sleep, we always wonder ‘what if’. But one common mistake that we make is that we do not claim our desires as real right now. We see them as something distant and often times unattainable. And this is where Neville steps in to help us.

In his book Seedtime And Harvest, Neville explains the ways of attaining our desires through nine essays revolving around the Biblical symbolism. Neville teaches us that Bible is not secular history. Bible is a personal spiritual journey of God. This story, therefore, applies to all of us because, according to Neville, we are all God: God and man are one. The first among these essays is the one about the golden string. Keeping in mind that:

“The Bible is a revelation of the laws and functions of Mind expressed in the language of that twilight realm into which we go when we sleep.”

Seedtime And Harvest by Neville Goddard

We can no longer speak of “real” occurrences, of “actual” events. We can’t view Bible as a historical drama. If we are to understand and explore the work of Neville Goddard, we must view the Bible as a psychological drama; as a history of one’s spiritual journey and not a history of somebody else’s life in the physical reality. If we are willing to cast aside the things that we have been taught previously, we are technically holding the end of the golden string.

“I give you the end of a golden string; you must wind it into a ball.”

Seedtime and Harvest by Neville Goddard

Taking all these things into account, the Bible and its meaning according to Neville, we can only conclude that we ourselves all begin as the generic man. This generic man is called in the Bible ‘Adam’. But, the generic man does not understand the real meaning of this psychological drama! He is asleep. He does not know that the one called Jesus Christ is him! He does not realize that it’s him that is “developing” from being Adam into being Jesus Christ. And yet, being Adam is the first step in becoming Jesus.

No, one’s name does not change and neither does one’s garment. What changes is the consciousness of the individual spoken of. This individual goes from seeing himself as separate from others and God, to realizing that he has always been one with the God and that the whole vast world is him pushed out! That is a promise given to the man. But to obtain it, he must first play the game of life.

“That ye not be slothful, but followers of them who through faith and patience inherit the promises.”

Hebrews 6:12

This change of consciousness is often referred to as a spiritual awakening.

“If Adam, or generic man, is in a deep sleep, then his experiences as recorded in the Scriptures must be a dream. Only he who is awake can tell his dream, and only he would understand the symbolism of dreams can interpret the dream.”

Seedtime And Harvest by Neville Goddard

When one awakes, he can talk about his dreams. Then, and only then, can one see beyond the events of the world of Caesar and recognize the significance of the dream on a higher level. He can tell why certain things happened to him because only an awakened human being can see beyond the shadows of a physical world and recognize that the answer to the question why something happened lies in his consciousness alone. Only then is man capable of seeing beyond the physical and recognizing that it was all governed by Mind.

So, how, then, does a man obtain all of his desires? Is it possible to obtain the control of Mind to such extent that our desires become inevitable? Most certainly it is!

“What things soever you desire can be obtained only through conscious, voluntary exercise of imagination in direct obedience to the Laws of Mind.”

Seedtime And Harvest by Neville Goddard

A man spends his entire life planting the seeds unconsciously. If such an action brings about the results and creates the circumstances of one’s life, then certainly, a conscious and voluntary exercise of imagination must produce results as well! After all, the Laws of Mind to not discriminate! The level of consciousness that one possesses does not matter a tiny bit. The man is always using his imagination to bring things into being. Whether he does it consciously or unconsciously is of no concern to the Law.

The outside world imitates our imagination. Therefore, looking for any kind of proof on the outside is a waste of time but to understand the Law we must find the connections between the two. Taking as an example a garden, we can clearly see that not everything that is currently growing in it was put there deliberately. Some weed grows seemingly on its own! The same thing happens with Mind. Through conscious use of our imagination, we can plant anything we like. From time to time, we will encounter weed that grows there and came seemingly out of nowhere. We can view this weed as result of the unlovely things that we have planted by our old, habitual ways of thinking. Negative seeds remain unless we dig them out with positive thinking.

Often times people confuse positive thinking with only affirming positive things all day long. But, positive thinking is so much more than just that! Positivity doesn’t mean you are feeling excited or happy all day long. Positivity also encompasses recognition of your desire as already being yours. This is done by simply recognizing that all things have already been created and all that is expected of you is to choose your desired outcome. All things that you can imagine already exist. If the creation is finished and our imagination creates, or rather selects, the circumstances of our lives, and if we know that in that sense our imagination is God, how can anything you think of not exist? That would imply that not all things are possible to God but if we accept as true that all things are possible to God, then we cannot doubt Him and think that our desire is unattainable! So, when we accept our desire as a done deal, we can no longer dwell on negative, opposite thoughts. The only thing we need to affirm is that our desire is already ours and clothe ourselves in the feeling of faith and confidence. That is what real positivity is about.

“Somewhere within this realm of imagination there is a mood, a feeling of the wish fulfilled which, if appropriated, means success to you.”

Seedtime And Harvest by Neville Goddard

Sustaining the feeling of the wish fulfilled in turn creates the feeling of naturalness which brings about our desires. To a man, it feels natural to have a bed to sleep in. Unless he doesn’t own one, he doesn’t go about his day thinking of its lack and ways of obtaining it. He simply knows that he has a place to rest his tired body. Just like that, know that you have a place to rest your soul: it is in your imagination! Walk in confidence that your imagination is your savior. Your imagination is the bed upon you lay once the troubles of the world of Caesar wear you out. And then, you will see why the things that happened to you, happened to you… And you will see that the games which you have been playing have been controlled by the Four Mighty Ones and you will see that the Four Mighty Ones are the roles you have been playing all by yourself because nobody else can play any roles save God… And you are God!