Stop Robbing Yourself Of Your Desire

Many times when people are asking whether or not something is possible, they are coming from a place of being limited by their concept of themselves. They think that their past matters more than their present and they base their plans for the future on things that happened in the past. Most of the time, the answer that is given to them is along the lines of: “Circumstances do not matter.” But what does it really mean that your current circumstances do not matter? Let’s dive into it a bit deeper!

“Two things cannot occupy a given place at one and the same time, and so as the invisible is made visible, the former visible state vanishes.”

Chapter 4, Freedom For All by Neville Goddard

Visible are your current circumstances. Invisible are the desired circumstances. Your choice is simple: close your eyes to the world of senses (visible) and believe that invisible (your desire) will replace the visible; or do nothing, keep basing your judgement on the visible and keep recreating it. But how did your current circumstances come to be? If you are a student of Neville Goddard, then you know that it all exists in your consciousness. Your consciousness is unconditioned. You condition it by believing to be this or that or the other. This, in turn, creates the circumstances of your life, or, to be more precise, this is how you select the circumstances of your life. Believing yourself to be poor creates circumstances that will reflect that to you: you will be unable to pay your bills or you will get in debts. There are, of course, unnumbered different situations that can happen but these are just most common examples.

“The world is my conditioned consciousness objectified. That which I feel and believe to be true of myself is now projected in space as my world. The world – my mirrored self – ever bears witness of the state of consciousness in which I live.”

Chapter 1, Freedom For All by Neville Goddard

If our current circumstances are the result of our beliefs and feelings, then our future circumstances can and will be changed if we allow ourselves to feel and believe the opposite. And you know what? You can take this to extreme levels. If you believe now that you are the God of your reality, then your beliefs about God have to be the beliefs about yourself. If you believe that God is great, then surely you must be too. If you believe that God is limitless, then, surely, you must be limitless as well.

But, let’s talk more about why the circumstances do not matter. They never did and they never will, not if you want to manifest a different reality! The simplest, most direct answer I can give you is this: if your current circumstances really mattered that much, you would not be able to manifest a change in your life. At best, the process would be so slow it would take forever to see a significant difference. The only thing you can create by focusing on your current circumstances is more of your current circumstances.

Neville gives us descriptions of how to manifest through all of his works but here is my favourite description of this process:

“Having discovered your savior the next step in this great drama of the resurrection is to release Barabbas, the robber – your present concept of self – and to crucify your savior, or fix the consciousness of being or having that which would save you. Barabbas represents your present problem. Your savior is that which would free you from this problem. You release Barabbas by taking your attention away from your problem – away from your sense of limitation – for it robs you of the freedom that you seek. And you crucify your savior by fixing a definite psychological state by feeling that you are free from the limitation of the past. You deny the evidence of the senses and begin to feel subjectively the joy of being free. (…) The subjective knowing is followed by the Sabbath or mental rest. You will be as one buried or entombed for you will know that no mater how mountainous the barriers, how impassable the walls appear to be, your crucified and buried savior (your present subjective fixation) will resurrect himself.”

Chapter 5, Freedom For All by Neville Goddard

As you can see, through the description of the process of manifesting, from his book Freedom For All, Neville explains that you truly must release your former limitations if you are to manifest a change. If you are manifesting love, your current concept of self, your Barabbas is the lack of love. Love in this case is the savior you are seeking. If you are to manifest love, you must crucify your savior! You must accept that you are loved and ignore the seeming lack of love in your life. Once you reach the state of freedom, the state of feeling loved, to the point that nothing can move you, you have succeeded.

“Your consciousness is the one and only reality which animates and makes real that which you are conscious of being. So turning your attention away from the problem is equivalent to extracting blood from the bird. Your consciousness is the one blood which makes all states living realities. By removing your attention from any given state you have drained the lifeblood from that state. You kill or eliminate the first bird (your problem) by removing attention from it. Into this blood (your consciousness) you dip the live bird (the solution), or that which heretofore you desired to be or possess. This you do by freeing yourself to be the desirable state now.”

Chapter 6, Freedom For All by Neville Goddard

Ignoring the problem and focusing on the solution is the way in which you change your reality. This, of course, encompasses the current circumstances because your current circumstances are the part of the problem. If you are manifesting an SP and you are not in contact with them, this is a part of the problem – the lack of your SP in your life includes no contact as well and therefore must be deemed as a part of the problem which you are supposed to ignore. This also includes any other circumstances such as long distance or the things they said or did, even the things you did or said.

One thing is clear: you cannot change things by focusing on their current state!

“…living in the consciousness that you are now that which you formerly desired to be, is the bird in flight, unfettered by the limitations of the past…”

Chapter 6, Freedom For All by Neville Goddard

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