Human Mind As A Garden

“This whole vast wonderful world is a response to the arrangement of man’s mind.”

Your Supreme Dominion by Neville Goddard

When we are looking for a way to describe a human mind, one of the most common examples that comes to mind is that of a garden. Just like in garden, you may find some weeds and some flowers, some fruitless trees and some trees full of fruit. The garden may be taken care of or it may be abandoned and there is stuff growing everywhere, anywhere it likes.

Realizing that your mind is in a bad state is the first step to making it better. Just like with the garden! You notice that there is some weed growing among your beautiful flowers and you go and get rid of it. You see the fruit on the trees is ripe so you go and pick it. You see a dried tree, one that hasn’t given any fruit in years so you go and you get rid of it too.

If we imagine that all the beautiful plants represent your positive thoughts, then weeds and other things that aren’t as beautiful must be your doubts and negative thoughts. Being put in an actual garden, you will probably do your best to keep it nice and beautiful, but are you doing the same when it comes to the garden of your own mind?

“But when a man is placed in the garden, he begins to cut the trees or the seeds of wrong thinking; he clears the ground, and then plants wisely.”

Your Supreme Dominion by Neville Goddard

You must, you know, if you wish to live a happy life and if you want to make your dreams come true. You must take care of the negativity that exists in your mind. Like Neville said, you have to clear the ground and then plant wisely. You would do that in the actual garden, so you have to do it in this metaphorical one as well. It’s the only way to take your fate into your own hands.

So, do it! Observe your mind in the course of the day. See what weeds and what flowers you have planted for surely they are in full bloom already. And then, adjust it. Take out the things that you do not like. Eliminate negative thoughts and eliminate the doubts that exist there and replace them with things that serve you better: positive thoughts, positive decisions.

“You have dominion over every idea in your mind. You say you haven’t. Well, some may be to you disturbing, but you do have the choice of rejecting it or accepting it.”

Your Supreme Dominion by Neville Goddard

You see, it’s your choice. Your mind is your garden and you alone choose what you are going to plant in it. So choose to plant the thoughts that serve you, choose to plant the thoughts that serve others. Choose to imagine lovingly for everybody you encounter and you will never have to worry about anything.

“…see the condition of the Earth as it is now by the uncritical observation of your reactions to life. When you see who you are that is showing you the state of the Earth as it is now. Don’t condemn it, just start to subdue it, and know that you do have dominion over all the fish of the sea, the fowls of the air, and all the animals that move upon the Earth. Knowing them to be the moods of thought, the desires, the passions that move in you, start to entertain only the good and the very good. Dwell upon them and you will re-people your Earth for you are supreme within the circle of your own consciousness.”

Your Supreme Dominion by Neville Goddard

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