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In the Bible, there is a lovely story about a potter. This is a story that Neville talked about as well and you can listen to it on YouTube. It is a story that brings up the importance of focusing on yourself, as well as the importance of understanding the control that we have over our realities.

“Arise, and go down to the Potter’s house, and there I will cause thee to hear my words.”

Jeremiah 18:2

Who is this potter that is mentioned in the Bible? According to Neville, it is your wonderful human imagination. And your wonderful human imagination is actually the Creator, Lord, Father. Since “me and my father are one”, it is also safe to assume that potter is actually you, yourself. The clay that this potter is working with is your physical reality.

You see, no matter what is happening in the world right now, it is a result of our past thoughts. It is a result of our past beliefs. Take a look at your world and see if you are still believing the same things that you have believed yesterday, ones that are being shown to you in your physical reality right now, because if you are, then you will recreate the world that you are seeing today. If you want to change your world, you have to play the role of a potter and refashion the clay.

What does this mean in a more practical sense? It is quite clear now that this means that you need to change the way you see the world. Instead of seeing what is, you have to accept that what exists right now is a product of your past thoughts and choose to see it differently. Choose to see the things that you actually want to see, instead of seeing the results of your past thoughts. You always have a choice! You can ignore your physical reality and imagine better or you can react to your reality and recreate it.

Knowing all of this, a question arises: What about other people?

“No matter what he does to me, it’s only myself, because we are all partakers of the one Divine nature. We are all coexistent with God, and God and man are inseparable.”

Order – Then Wait by Neville Goddard

This is why you can change your life, you can change your relationships with other people – there is nothing in the world but God and God is playing all the parts.

“For I have played all the parts. Not one part I could have omitted. Yes, the thief and the judge, the murderer and the murdered, I have played every part in the world.”

Order – Then Wait by Neville Goddard

You may not have played these roles in your physical reality. Nobody is calling you a murderer or a thief. You have simply played these roles in your imagination. You have imagined that these things exist in your world and so they have to exist and somebody has to play the role that you have given them. If you imagine that there are thieves in your world, somebody has to play that part. If you imagine that there are murderers, somebody has to play that part as well. At the end of the day, the cause for this is your awareness because that is where everything is rooted.

Even the things that do not include others are constantly under the influence of your Divine nature.

“Yes, even the earthquakes, the volcanoes – every horror of the world, and every lovely thing in the world, – our own wonderful human imagination did it, because that is one with the Lord Jehovah.”

Order – Then Wait by Neville Goddard

One thing is for certain – if you can imagine it, it exists. Nothing exists independently from you. Nothing exists that wasn’t first imagined. You don’t have to imagine things in details. It’s enough to assume that it exists. This is why it’s possible to “go general” and still manifest a person or a car or whatever else you desire. It doesn’t matter if you are specific or general, as long as a thing exists in your awareness, it exists in your world.

Now, all of this can only bring us to one conclusion: it is important to imagine lovingly for ourselves and for others. It is important to keep our imaginal acts filled with love and to imagine the best for everyone.

When we tell you to focus on yourself, we are not telling you to go about your day mindlessly repeating affirmations related to self-love. All the “I am good enough”s of this world will not help you if you are still imagining awful things for yourself. Let’s put it this way: focusing on yourself means paying attention to your thoughts and stories you are telling yourself about yourself, and then changing those thoughts into more loving thoughts.

“As a man grows in this world, he is growing from a god of tradition into a God of experience.”

Order – Then Wait by Neville Goddard

God of tradition… A creature of habit… This quote isn’t only about abandoning the idea of God that you have had in your head until now. It is also about abandoning the bad habits that have caused you to create unlovely things in your world. One of these habits is a negative way of thinking. “Assuming the worst” is probably the worst thing that you can do to yourself in this world. But now you know better. You have been picking the fruit of your old ways of thinking your entire life. It is time to change those patterns and start picking the fruit of your new ways of thinking.

We all arrive at the same conclusions, sooner or later. Sooner or later, we all figure out that the potter of our life is ourself and the clay that we are playing with is the reality that we are currently in. So, take that clay and mold it into something you would like. Don’t abandon it because it seems to be spoiled. It’s your clay. It’s at your command. It’s in your hands and your hands alone. You have the freedom to either refashion it or judge it and throw it away. Which one will it be?

“We are not the product of something other than ourselves.”

Order – Then Wait by Neville Goddard

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