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It’s Your World. Make Your Own Rules.

The purpose of this post is to make you aware that the rules that exist in your world today are a product of your beliefs. They are seemingly set in stone because you have accepted them as rules. They may be your own inventions or they may be something you learned from others and accepted as your own, but the fact remains: it all comes down to your beliefs.

The world is at your command. Neville didn’t say that just because it sounds good. He said it because it is so. And if the world is at your command, why would you have to struggle and suffer to get somewhere in this world?

For most people, it feels overwhelming when they find out that they were the cause of the things that happened to them so far in their lives. We grow up thinking the power resides outside of us. We grow up thinking that something outside of us knows better than we do and that this thing outside of us decides whether we deserve something or not. We even go as far as to believe that this thing has a power to punish us for our seeming wrongdoings. But… Who decides what is wrong and what is right in our world?

“The measurements of right and wrong belong to man alone. To life there is nothing right or wrong. As Paul stated in his letters to the Romans: “I know and am persuaded by the Lord Jesus that there is nothing unclean of itself, but to him that esteemeth anything to be unclean, to him it is unclean.”

At Your Command by Neville Goddard

This is where everything starts. Deciding what is right and what is wrong affects everything in our lives: it affects how we treat other people, it affects our beliefs, it affects our judgement, it even affects our actions in the physical world.


Example 1:

Person A believes that playing video games makes a child more aggressive. They base one entire section of their life around that belief: they don’t let their child play violent video games, they don’t play violent video games themselves and they judge people who do, thinking they must be violent, without even getting to know them.

Person B believes that playing video games helps people unwind. They don’t believe that violent video games exist, they are just video games to them. This person will not judge people who play video games, no matter what type of games they are playing, they will allow their children to play whatever video games they want and they will play more than just Solitaire and Mahjong themselves.

I am giving you this example to show you how our beliefs affect our lives. It is also an example that helps you see how you can unnecessarily limit yourself if you are unfamiliar with the Law. However, the main point is: whether you believe something is right or wrong, your judgement and your actions are based on that belief. And yet… Two people can have two completely different views on the same exact thing. This is because we were all given freedom to choose. We were given the freedom to judge things as right and wrong. We often base this judgement on our own experiences or the experiences of others such as our parents’ stories or even our friends’ stories.

The fact that different people can have different opinions on the same thing is a proof of how easily things can be changed and how easily different beliefs can be adopted. I have already wrote about changing your beliefs so that they serve you better and I won’t get into that topic again, but I would like to add that this also gives you a freedom to make your own rules.

So, how do you make your own rules? By changing your beliefs. And how do you change your beliefs? With a mental diet.

“Life is a game and, like all games, it has its aims and its rules. (…)
But to play the game of life successfully, we must become aware of our every mental activity, for this activity, in the form of inner conversations, is the cause of the outer phenomena of our life.”

Seedtime & Harvest by Neville Goddard


Example 2:

Person C believes that contacting their SP while they are manifesting a relationship with them is wrong. They won’t contact this person even when they feel fine doing it.

Person D believes that it’s okay to reach out to your SP when you feel alright and you know that you won’t be triggered by anything they say because, after all, they are just you pushed out.

Often times, when people talk about manifesting an SP, they talk about the “no contact rule”. This rule can be taken very seriously, to the point where the person gets so anxious they won’t reach out to their SP even when they are in a good state of mind and cannot be affected by anything that is showing up on the outside because they are well aware that this is just a reflection of their past thoughts. Or, it can be taken as “no contact until my anxiety is gone”. It is up to you. Now, you can choose to listen to another person when they tell you what worked for them, believe that it will work for you as well and it will. Or, you can decide for yourself and adjust the “rules” to better fit you.

One more thing I would like to touch on is that I am not talking about bending the Law to your will. The Law cannot be changed. You know how the Law works and that is the the only rule you can’t really break.

“For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he.”

Proverbs 23:7

You can’t escape the Law, but you can make your own rules for manifestation. And whether you realize it or not, you are already doing it: if you believe that you need to be on a strict mental diet for 3 days in order to get something – that is a rule you are sticking to while manifesting. If you believe you must do SATS for a month before you get what you want – that is a rule you are sticking to while manifesting.

So, do it:

  • decide on what is wrong and what is right in your world. The things that you consider wrong are the things you probably won’t try to manifest, so these are also your limits,
  • decide that what you want to manifest is possible to manifest because you are God of your own world. Don’t allow any doubts to get in your way by going on a mental diet which revolves around you and reminders of how deserving you are, that you are good enough, you are in control, everybody is you pushed out, you always get what you set your mind on, you are doing everything right,
  • decide on what technique you want to use to get into the state of the wish fulfilled. Stick to it. Be consistent and persistent,
  • don’t look for the reassurance on the outside. Now that you decided that it’s possible and that what you are doing is working (the technique), close your eyes to the outside world and believe only in what you imagine.


This is it. This is how simple it is. All you have to do is become aware of what you believe and adjust it to serve you better!

11 thoughts on “It’s Your World. Make Your Own Rules.”

  1. Well so if I create my own rule, so it mean thar I can create rule, that I can manifest what I want even thought I will have a negative thoughts, doubts etc right?:D

  2. But how? Is it living in the end if I will think he cant commit with me because he working in differemt country and he doesnt know how long he want stay there(this is what he told me ) and so Im desperate and sad and nevertheless if I will wait that one days it maybe will change so I will manifest this nevertheless I will think negative about this? Its wierd😄

    1. Why are you repeating the old story? 🙂 Circumstances do not matter. You can simply assume that even if you doubt things, they will still happen because you are God and because you have planted the seed, which makes it inevitable.

      1. Well so my new story is, that he start work in my country so it means that he live in my country again and that I have a relationship with him. So its all? Can I imagine this before I go sleep or in the morning or just repeat this my new story like an affirmations and assume that this will happen neverthelless I have a doubts and negative feelings during day?

        1. Yes, or you can focus only on being with him! Things can happen in different ways, you don’t have to concern yourself with the “how”. Him moving to your country would be the “how”. For all we know, you may end up moving to his new country with him, or somewhere completely new. 🙂

          You can do both. If you decide to do it in the evening, during your SATS sessions, then make sure that your inner conversations throughout the day line up with your end result as well. So technically, mental diet 😀

  3. Ok thank you so much ..:) ..but if Im God of my universe and only I have a free will in my reality so it means that I intend where I will with him ,not? I really dont want move to another country I want live in my country with him😄

    1. Of course! You can decide on the how. But the reason I told you not to concern yourself with it is because in my own experience, it can become a stumbling block. Like, my brain will constantly wonder if something will happen this way or that way and that means I am not living as if I already have it. Of course, you can implement the “how” into your end result. So, if your scene implies you are in your own country, that’s alright! The “how” that I suggest not bothering with is trying to figure out how he will come back or how this or that will happen, based on your current circumstances. Hope that makes sense, I feel like I’m not explaining anything as clearly as I would like to this morning 😂

      1. Yes it makes sense and I understand😄 Im glad that you understand me, because my english is poor😄 but I have to stop tell this and start tell that I have a amazing english😄
        Well so I have last question(I hope😄) what is living in the end in my case? I want imagine that I am with him and my friend and her boyfriend somewhere on the party. For me this scene give me a feeling I already have a relationship with him. Or I want imagine that he is with me in my home in my room amd he meet my parents .or I want imagine that Im with him on christmas market or I celebrate a new year with him or something like that because I would like be with him during christmas and he will probably in my country. Is it living in the end ?or if I will imagine Im with him on Christmas so it will block because I wait manifest my desire on specific date?
        I want select one scene what I will imagine every day so I want be sure that Im really living in the end..

        1. These scenes are good scenes for when you are doing SATS! But living in the end means that you accept that your desire has been done. That means you don’t go around all day wondering why he isn’t here yet because in your imagination, you are already with him, he is already there. You can focus on other things because you know there is nothing to worry about, you know that he is yours. Like, you don’t think about him obsessively. You just know he is there already. You know like when you are sick and you are constantly thinking about being healthy because you wanna be healthy.. But when you are healthy, you don’t think about being healthy all the time, you just know that you are healthy!

          Sure, you can manifest being with him on a Christmas, why not. Deciding on a date is not going to block you unless you get stressed out about it. If you get stressed out because of a deadline that you have given yourself, then it’s better to drop the deadline altogether.

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