Why Is It So Much Easier To Manifest “Small” Things?

(Before I start, I just wanted to inform you all that there will be some minor changes on the blog. I started adding “Reader’s Request” in the titles, so it’s easier to find posts about the things that you have asked me about. Also, I will be travelling for the next week, possibly two, so any requests that I have received within the last couple of days will be fulfilled once I am back!)

Sometimes we get caught up in dividing things into small and big. This is not a mistake per se. This simply shows that you care more about manifesting an SP or a specific amount of money, than you care about manifesting a yellow car and that is completely fine and normal, when you look at the things from the human perspective. However, this can also turn out to be a block for many of us.

For the longest time, I used to think that I cannot influence other people. This was the time when I still saw people as separate from me. I didn’t fully realize what everybody is you pushed out means. This can prove to be a great hindrance when it comes to manifesting. It can also turn out to be a great learning experience! So, don’t beat yourself up if you are doing the same thing. Just learn from it and move on, knowing that that was a limiting belief that did not serve you.

Recently I had a day where I felt like testing the Law by manifesting things I don’t usually see and it made me realize why these small, irrelevant things are so easy to manifest. I was going to the store and I said to myself that I will see a man in a blue shirt. Men around here usually wear only grey and black. I don’t know what’s up with that, but I don’t pay that much attention to people’s clothing anyway, so it seemed like a good choice at the moment. I entered the store and I decided exactly what shade of blue I want the man’s shirt to be. I saw it in my mind’s eye and just as I was ready to accept that I am not going to see a man in a blue shirt in this store, I said to myself, “Of course I will. I will see a man in a blue shirt, this and this shade of blue, and I will see him in this store, and I will see him before I leave this store and no other store.” I am a stubborn person, so when I set my mind on manifesting something, I give my subconscious specifics and don’t accept anything less than that. Just as I was walking through the last aisle, suddenly a man in front of me moved to the other side and the man that was standing right next to him, hidden from my view, had the exact blue shirt I imagined. To be honest, I stared for a short while because I was a bit shocked at how it happened. So he was in the store all along and I just didn’t see him? He was here from the beginning?! I almost gave up on manifesting it and yet there he was all along… He was there since the moment I decided that I wanted to see a man in a blue shirt, only I didn’t see him right away. This is how other manifestations work too! The things you want already exists. It may be hidden from the view at this moment but trust me, it is there!

Then I decided I wanted to see a yellow car. My mind immediately jumped to a picture of an excavator, but I decided that’s not what I want. I want to see a yellow motor car. I also chose the exact shade of yellow that I wanted. Now, once again, I mostly see black, white and grey cars over here. Sometimes there’ll be some red or blue cars but I don’t even remember when was the last time that I have seen a yellow car. As we were driving home, I decided that I will see this car before we cross the border. Once again I got to the point where I started feeling like it’s not going to happen but this time I just repeated my intention internally and continued talking to my mom. And then, I saw the car. It was the exact shade of yellow that I decided it would be, on the parking lot, before we reached the border. (Yeah, we go shopping to another country ’cause we live so close to the border, so why not.)

All of this made me think. These things are so irrelevant. A yellow car, a man in a blue shirt… I don’t care about these things. But another thing that I realized seemed even more important: I don’t question if these things exist. Sure, I didn’t choose some weird colours. But even if I did, I wouldn’t be sitting around the entire day wondering if it’s possible to see a car covered with stripes. Why? Because we distract ourselves and forget about it throughout the day. And then, it pops out of nowhere.

Now, one important thing we all need to remember is that there are no small and big things when it comes to manifesting. Yes, it is hard to say that a cup of coffee is the same as an SP but it’s a comparison we often hear. At first, it may feel like you are saying that your SP is worth as much as a cup of coffee. Well, no, what you need to focus on is the manifesting process, not the things you are manifesting. If you focus solely on the manifesting process, you will realize why people say that manifesting a cup of coffee is the same as manifesting an SP – the process is the same and it always works.

And this is where the main thing, the main difference, pops in. We don’t question if a cup of coffee exists. We know it does. But when we want to manifest a person, we start wondering if it’s possible. And yet, all things are possible. All things exist right now. The creation is finished. There is an infinite number of parallel realities. Anything you can think of right now already exists in some parallel reality. However you want to put it, whatever makes more sense to you!

My question to you may sound ridiculous, but if you can believe that all the physical things you want to manifest already exist and they will appear in your reality, why can’t you believe that this person you are thinking about already loves you and that this will appear in your reality as well?

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