Reader’s Request: Manifesting the End Result In Steps

Many times we see people questioning whether or not they should be manifesting something in steps. They want to manifest marriage but they are wondering whether or not they should manifest text messages first, dates, meeting the family etc.

Let me make it clear right away, I, too, used to be against manifesting things in steps until I realized that that is what I have been doing my entire life. Did I want to marry my boyfriend the moment I have met him? Did I start changing my inner conversations to fit that end result right there and then? The answer is no. I manifested us communicating and getting to know each other more. I manifested us dating. I manifested us having a loving relationship and didn’t think of the marriage at all. That’s what felt natural to me at the moment.

Now, I know Neville says go straight to the end but sometimes it is hard to determine what that end should be. Do I want to marry this person? The person I’ve just met? Probably not. It’s completely fine to manifest you dating first. It’s also completely fine for you to manifest a better communication so you can get to know each other a little bit better.

However, I also see people telling their followers that they are messing with the middle and they will mess up their end result if they focus on things in the middle. I do not agree with that anymore. I don’t think you can ruin your end result. Believing that anything is possible and that creation is already finished does not go hand in hand with believing that you can mess things up. How could you mess anything up if there is a parallel reality in which you already have your desire? Of course, you can first align with the reality in which things aren’t going exactly the way you were planning or you would expect them to go, a reality in which things are seemingly going wrong for you. However, if you persist for long enough you will align with the reality in which you have already received your desire, no matter what your current circumstances are.

If your SP is somebody that you have had a relationship with in the past, there could be some bad blood between the two of you or some other negative block that you are seeing. However, remember that things can block you from manifesting only if you allow them to block you. If you think that you can’t get your SP because they said they will never love you again, you are right and you are creating that. If you think that you can get your SP no matter what they said in the past because past doesn’t matter and it’s only a reflection of your past thoughts, then you are right as well and that is what you will create.

I understand that in such cases you may feel like you need to take some action. Perhaps you feel that you need to prove yourself to them. Perhaps you feel that you need to reach out because they will never reach out to you first. Perhaps you feel that you need to send them a message because otherwise they will forget all about you. None of these fears are actually rational. That is… If we can speak of rationality when it comes to the Law, but I wouldn’t want to get into that discussion now. If you are coming from the place of lack, and that is why you are trying to make them message you, call you, come over, whatever the case might be, stop it. You will not manifest a loving relationship until you fix these things you brought into your awareness. How do you fix them? By changing your thoughts. Change your thoughts into loving ones: when you think that your SP won’t message you first, say they already have. When you think that your SP forgot about you, remind yourself of what a lovely person you are. Remind yourself that you are the best partner they have ever had. How could they forget about you if that is your reality?

However, you can change your intentions with these things as well, even if you have had a relationship with this person in the past and you feel that things aren’t going to go the way you want them to go. If you want to get your partner back in steps, I recommend taking the following approach: manifest a text but give it a meaning. Remember, nothing in this world has any meaning unless you attach it to it. If you keep telling yourself the story that your communication is getting better and better and you are getting closer every day, that is what you will manifest. Take it from there and change your end result. Manifest a date, two dates, 238907 dates, however many you want to. It is up to you. Then, manifest them moving in. Just make sure that the way you are perceiving it is positive. Make sure that your assumptions are positive.

I remember when I first started dating my boyfriend and he would message me every day. I knew he was messaging me every day because he was falling in love with me. I didn’t question it. I didn’t even manifest it deliberately, I knew nothing about Neville or the Law back then, and I guess that’s why it happened so effortlessly.

Many times I see people getting stuck and trying, trying, trying to manifest something for months. It seems that the more we know about the Law, the more we tend to complicate it. And yet… We manifested so many great things throughout our lives without even knowing what we were doing and it was effortless. You can even think of something negative you manifested: let’s say your car broke down. Were you exerting effort there? Nah, all you did was acknowledge that your car may break down soon because this or that is wrong with it. When you dropped your phone, how many times did you imagine that your screen would break? Every day? I don’t think so. I am quite sure that all you did was think that your screen may break if you drop your phone everytime you thought of dropping your phone.

These are simple things that we don’t put much thought into and that is why we don’t tend to complicate it the way we complicate manifestations that we consider big. Winning a lottery, getting an SP, getting a new job… We put so much thought into it without even realizing it. Yet… It should be effortless!

Back to the topic! There is nothing wrong with manifesting things “in the middle”. You will not mess up anything. As long as you are coming from the right state of mind, you cannot mess anything up. If your motives are positive, your manifestations will be as well. What I mean by that is that if you are coming from the place of lack and your thoughts are revolving around the negative, your manifestation may show up and lead to something other than your end result. This happens because you are expecting it to go that way instead of simply assuming that whatever is showing up in your world right now is leading to your end result.

Not to complicate this any further, in conclusion, I will say that manifesting step by step can be a tough job and it requires a lot of mental discipline. But if that is what you want, then go for it. Nobody else can decide what works in your reality.

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