“Your faith has saved you; go in peace.”

Luke 7:50

Today I want to talk about the topic of beliefs. Through my studies I have come across many people. I have also talked to many spiritual people directly. This journey has been quite long already and there are many things that I have learned. However, the full understanding of what faith is and how our beliefs “control” our reality hasn’t come to me until I discovered Neville.

I grew up a catholic. In the beginning of my teenage years, I was an atheist. Then, I started discovering New Age beliefs and all the lovely things that come with it. I will be the first one to admit that I was greatly distracted by things that are not spiritual in their nature. I always had more interest in aliens and conspiracy theories. It was a blessing in disguise as this is where I first started noticing the differences in opinions and theories. One week I’d read a book about aliens from Canis Maior and how they helped build our pyramids. Another week I would read a book about aliens from Orion constellation and how they helped build the pyramids. I always preferred feline looking aliens and funny enough I own a cat that looks like Orion from Men in Black. You can imagine which theory I preferred then, can’t you?

I also loved reading about near death experiences. But… There was always a different kind of experience that people went through. I read a Christian book about it and the person claimed to have seen Jesus Christ after she died. Then I read books that were not Christian, and people were seeing all kinds of things. When I think about it, there was one book that resonated with me. Unfortunately I no longer remember the author or the title of that book but I remember the author saying that it all comes down to our beliefs. If you believe that you will go to hell after you die, and you imagine hell looking like an eternal BBQ, that is what you will experience after death until you awaken and realize that it’s your belief that created this and that the truth is infinitely bigger than this. This was my first “trigger”. The first thing that really made me think these things through.

I went through a lot between then and now. There was also a period of time when I was a complete atheist. I did not believe in any sort of God. I simply refused to do so. At the time, I didn’t realize that I was also taking power from myself. Funny, isn’t it? We try to come up with all these theories and explanations for who God is and take away our own power simply by doing so.

As I have already mentioned in one of my previous posts, my second “trigger” were psychic readings. Whatever I expected for the psychic to say to me – they would say it. If I expected them to call my partner my twin flame, they would call him my twin flame. If I expected them to tell me that we will be spending Christmas apart, they would tell me that. That was when I started wondering again and found a friend who introduced me to Neville but I will not go into detail about this as I have already described it before!

I was so into Neville’s teachings for a while, I did not want to hear about anything else. All of this made me a bit blind to all the other things that I could have used to enhance my life. I was rejecting anything that didn’t come directly from Neville. One of the examples are affirmations. I used to think they do not work. How could they work if Neville never talked about them? But these days, they are my favourite technique! They help me with everything, starting with fixing my internet connection and ending with getting free trips! So why didn’t they work in the beginning? Well… I didn’t believe they would work.

The Law sometimes has a sense of humor, doesn’t it? In the beginning of your journey, you may say, “This two cup method is ridiculous, how can people believe they are shifting their reality just because they drank some water?” But with time, you realize that everything is just a product of your own mind. Everything is a product of your own beliefs. Your entire world, everything that you see now is a product of your own beliefs. That person that isn’t talking to you? You believed it into existence. That person that thinks that you’re the funniest shite ever? You believed it into existence as well. That old car you’re driving while thinking you will never have enough money to buy a new one? Well, first of all, stop yourself if that is what you are thinking and second of all, you are believing it into being right now.

You see, I love Neville. He is and always will be my favourite source of all things related to the Law. The man knew what he was doing and talking about! However, he was also human. You may have noticed that he contradicted himself in some things. In the beginning of his career, he believed one thing. As years went by, his belief changed. This, in itself, is a good example that your beliefs will change as well, as your understanding deepens. I am not saying do not believe in everything Neville said. Not at all. What I am saying is that you shouldn’t limit yourself based on another person’s beliefs. No, not even Neville’s. (Although I will admit that I did not find many examples of his limiting beliefs in his teachings, but maybe my definition of limiting beliefs is different. For me, a limiting belief is any belief that denies me fulfilling my highest potential.) So what if your neighbour doesn’t believe that it’s going to rain tomorrow? You do. This is your world. Go and create some rain. He is you pushed out anyway. You are one. Nobody is separate from you. He’s just showing you that you believe that other people don’t like rain or something like that! It doesn’t matter anyway.

As you continue practicing the Law, you will come to this conclusion yourself but maybe I can help you speed up the process of learning by saying it in a more clear way: create beliefs that serve you. Only accept beliefs that serve you. You can do this even if you haven’t yet learned to see others as you pushed out. Even if you see them as separate from you, you can still apply this little rule. So, if your girlfriend is telling you that her going through PMS means that she is going to verbally abuse you for 3 days, stop it and laugh at it. No, don’t laugh at your girlfriend, laugh at that limiting belief that has the potential of making your relationship a living hell for 3 days. Laugh and say, “You do not serve me, so get out. Our relationship is always perfect, nothing gets in the way of that.”

This is why it’s important to watch what kind of music you are listening to, what kind of movies you are watching, what kind of books you are reading, what kind of people you are following on the social media. Back when Tumblr was popular, I used to follow all these depressed kids that talked about slashing their wrists day after day. It made me see the world as a horrible place but I didn’t know any better so I kept “feeding” myself on this trash. Is this how the music, the movies, the books and the social media are making you feel as well? Then change them. You are now conscious enough to do so intentionally. You know better than that. You do! All of these things not only affect your mood but also your beliefs. Back in the day when I was watching Mexican soap operas, I believed that all weddings always go wrong and the bride will get killed on her wedding day. I believed it to the point where I was crying at my parents’ wedding party, because I thought my mom will die. I was three years old and gullible, haha! It’s just a silly little thing that sips into your mind without you even realizing it. Did my mom die? No. My grandmother explained to me that soap operas shouldn’t be taken literally so I wiped my tears and stopped thinking about it. But if you are sitting there listening to some crappy song that makes you feel like crap because, you know, we create things in our likeness, then stop it. Stop listening to Always by Bon Jovi and crying your heart out because you feel that this song was written for you and your ex. Gods be good, I love Bon Jovi, but that song made me feel like crap time and time again. This type of behavior and thinking is coming from a place of lack. You are thinking about your ex as somebody separate from you, and worse yet, you are thinking of them as someone who will never come back and yet you will continue loving them…. Aaaaaaaalways.

Listen to songs that make you feel powerful. Watch movies that do not make you think that there is no hope when it comes to your situation. Read books that remind you of how beautiful the world can be. Don’t read posts on social media that make you feel like you are doing something wrong.

You have a choice. You always have a choice. Find things that makes you feel empowered. Find things that make you see your own worth. Find things that make you feel great and things that make you see beyond the physical reality of your world.

Build beliefs that serve you. Reject beliefs that do not serve you. Your faith is what saves you and delivers you from the hell you’ve created when you were asleep.

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