You Already Know What You Need To Do

Recently we had had an influx of success stories on our subreddit. All of these success stories made me look deeper into the issues that people face when manifesting. Seeing the same people asking different people the same question inspired me to write this. I want you to know that you already have what it takes to manifest. You have the knowledge that you need.

Some people learn the basics of manifesting and they go out and start manifesting right away. They find the way and the technique that works for them and that is all. We never hear from them again. Others, on the other hand, tend to keep themselves stuck and create blocks for themselves. You have to understand one thing: there is nothing standing between you and your manifestation. Whether you desire to manifest a specific person or a specific amount of money or heal yourself or manifest a job, it doesn’t matter. There is nothing standing in your way. Stop thinking that you need to change this or that in order to get something. You do not have to change a thing on the outside.

Here are some examples of the blocks I see most often:

-person thinking that they cannot manifest their specific person unless they act a certain way because they believe that their specific person would prefer them to be that way,

-person thinking they need to work harder to get more money,

-person thinking they need to manifest a cure for their illness because otherwise they cannot be healed,

-person thinking they need a specific college degree or else they can’t get the job of their dreams.

Do you see the thing that these issues have in common? The person that is trying to manifest something is focusing on their external world. They think they need to change something on the outside. Yet, they do not. They do not have to move a finger on the outside. I, myself, have manifested a job offer from Google when all the odds and statistics said that there is no way to get hired in Google and that they are already full. I don’t even have a degree that would fit their current needs and they didn’t care much for it anyway.

All these things that we think that we need to take care of before we can get our end result are obstacles that only exist in our minds. No, you don’t need a degree to work in a specific company. I strongly believe that it’s the motivation that counts way more than your degree and that is what is showing up in my reality. No, you don’t need to find a cure for your acne problem. A reality in which you have clear skin already exists. You just need to claim it as your current reality and then ignore anything on the outside that says otherwise. And no, you don’t need to lose weight, change your hairstyle and change your personality or else your SP won’t love you. Why would you even think that? You are already perfect the way you are.

You can have anything you want. Again, you don’t need to move a finger to get anything. The work is supposed to be done in your imagination. Faith brings things into your reality. Choose: do you want to believe that you need to work hard to get something or do you want to believe that you can have anything you want simply by using the power of your subconscious mind? It is up to you but choose carefully because you can’t choose wrong and that means that whatever you choose will show up in your physical reality!

One thing I see that is common to many people who tend to ask the most questions is this: they already know all of this. They already know what it takes for them to manifest something. They already have this extensive knowledge on manifesting but they aren’t putting it to use. What good is knowledge if you never use it?

Yes, it is nice to know that we can have anything we want. It feels nice to read that, doesn’t it? But what are you doing in order to prove that to yourself? You know, if you never test it, your faith will waver. If you are always looking on the outside for other people’s success stories, your faith will waver. If you never claim the thing that you want, how do you expect it to manifest? Asking questions and gathering more knowledge doesn’t make the thing magically appear in your reality. It’s your faith that does that.

Don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with asking questions. But when you find yourself asking the same questions and facing the same doubts day after day, that’s when you are creating an issue.

I know people who have full faith one day and the next day they lose all of it and go back to their old self. Why? Because even though they had the full faith just the day before, they didn’t act on it. As I said, it’s nice to know we can have anything. But if we never test it, how can we expect to get results? If we never change the way we are thinking, how can we expect the things to change for us?

You can acknowledge that you can be healthy every day but if your thoughts and your actions for the rest of the day imply that you do not believe that or that you are still not healthy… How can you be cured? This is the same as the topic I already talked about in one of my first posts here: you can do SATS all day long but if you go back to your old self right after the session, you are ruining the work you did in SATS.

“We are told that “as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” But do we know that man’s thinking follows the tracks laid down in his own inner conversations? To turn the tracks to which he is tied in the direction in which he wants to go, he must put off his former conversation, which is called in the Bible the Old Man, and be renewed in the spirit of his mind. Speech is the image of mind; therefore, to change his mind, he must first change his speech. By ‘speech’ is meant those mental conversations we carry on with ourselves.”

Mental Diets by Neville Goddard

As with SATS and mental diets, the same thing applies to gathering knowledge and applying the knowledge you have gathered. In one of the recent success stories, a friend of mine mentioned that you do not need to acquire a specific amount of knowledge before you can start manifesting. That is correct and I couldn’t agree more. Do you know why that is correct? Because you have been manifesting your entire life. You didn’t even know what you are doing, yet you were doing it! So don’t think that you need to read all Neville’s books and lectures before you are ready to manifest something. But also, do not think that reading is enough! It is not! You need to test it.

You can sit around all day long reading and listening to lectures. Yes, Neville is a great teacher and I love him but it’s not Neville who makes the Law work in your life… It’s you, yourself. Neville only made you aware of it. Now that you are aware of it, it is up to you to prove it to yourself. What are you waiting for?

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