Free Trip & Literally Seeing The Law Work

In my last post I mentioned that I have manifested a free trip for myself. I always loved travelling. Staying in one place for too long seems dull and in a way, frustrating. I always feel the need to explore new places. Some days this urge to travel becomes so strong I just have to get up and go! That’s what happened this time as well…

I have always wanted to visit this country. I fell in love with it since the first time I traveled through it. Unfortunately, all my visits to this country were merely passing through it while on my way to another country. However, as I said, I fell in love with this country, even though all I ever saw were mountains and the highway. To satisfy my curiosity, I decided this is going to be the next country that I visit. At first, I wasn’t set on manifesting a free trip. I didn’t care much about that. I knew I could afford it so it didn’t bother me much. But suddenly, things started falling into place for me to go there for free.

First, I couldn’t find a way to get to a particular town I chose. But then, my relative who happened to be passing near that same town, suggested he could give me a lift. He lives in the neighbouring country and I often go to visit him but we’ve made no plans for this summer. I thought to myself, “Wouldn’t it be nice if he suggested I come over and visit them after my trip? I’d have an easier time getting back home too.” An hour later, he suggested I come and visit him! Of course I accepted the invitation. I never decline invitations for trips.

I didn’t use any particular techniques to make my stay in the hotel free. Again, I couldn’t be bothered as I knew I could afford it and also because I know that the money I spend always returns to me double. However, I did think, “Wouldn’t it be nice if this trip was free?” Two days later, my relative said he would like to pay for my hotel because he hasn’t gotten me anything for my birthday this year. I should consider it a birthday gift and not worry about it at all. Oh well… I didn’t have any choice since he insisted. And so, my entire trip turned out to be free of any cost. Food, drinks and souvenirs excluded!

However, something interesting happened to me while I was travelling back home and I wish to share it with you. I saw the Law working right there on the bus that was taking me home.

As we were travelling towards the mountains, the temperature kept dropping. The clock was showing lower temperatures but the temperature it was showing was the temperature outside, not inside the bus. It dropped to 15°C and somebody asked the driver to turn on the heat because it’s so cold in the bus. It’s only 15°C. I was confused with it. I wasn’t cold at all! And just a day before that I had my AC set on 17°C and got cold, so how could I not feel cold on 15°? But, the person kept insisting that they’re cold despite that. The driver didn’t turn on the heat and once we stopped at the gas station, two other people declared that they are cold because it’s only 15°. What the…! It was perfectly warm! But they imagined that the temperature that was shown was the temperature inside the bus and they felt cold while the rest of us felt warm! Or at least I did.

I watched this situation unfold right in front of my eyes and I realized right away what was happening. Our beliefs differed. It was a trivial thing, but it made us have two completely different experiences. I was sweating while they were freezing. How awesome is your brain when it can convince you that you’re hot or cold just because it saw a certain number?!

This is all I wanted to share today. I will be back and posting regularly soon. I wish to share more experiences and things I’ve learned with you on a regular basis again and I hope you will find them helpful as well as see how effortless manifesting can be. And of course, my mailbox is still open to any suggestions you may have so feel free to send them!

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