Focusing on Failures Manifests More Failures

Humans are creatures of habit. There is no denying it. We build habits and then build new stories based on those habits. If we have a habit of working out every day, we will build new stories, or rather make new decisions as the time goes by, such as: I will build more muscle by the end of this month.

Negative inner conversations are a thing of habit as well. If you have always thought in a negative way, it became a habit. Based on that habit, you built new stories for yourself.


Belief: It’s hard to get a job.

A story based on the belief: I won’t be chosen for this first job that I applied to because it’s hard to get a job.

Belief: Ex lovers shouldn’t reconcile because relationships end for a reason.

A story: I will never reconcile with my SP because such relationships become toxic.


“The “old nature” belongs to my former conversations; the “new nature” belongs to my new conversations. Can I put on the new and make it so natural that I will do with that as I did with the former one? And can I, now, so completely change the record and play it often enough that it becomes a habit, within me as I walk the earth, so that things are perfect? So that things are easy? So that when I read the headline of a market crash, it doesn’t disturb me? So, when I read the headline that something has “gone to pot,” it does not disturb me inwardly?”

Order Your Conversations Aright by Neville Goddard

You see, you can always change this. You are changing every day of your life, why wouldn’t you be able to learn how to see things in your life as positive? Change the beliefs I have mentioned above into this, and build new stories based on them.


New belief: It’s easy to get a job.

New story: Of course I will get this job I applied for! It’s so easy to get a new job and I am perfect for this position.

New belief: Relationships can be fixed and they can be transformed into better ones.

New story: Of course I can reconcile with any of my exes. It is possible to fix my relationship with them because I have created them anyway.


The thing that I want to talk about in this post is how focusing on failures will manifest more failures. Now that I have shown you how you build new stories based on your habitual thoughts and how you can change them to build different new stories, you probably already see my point. The longer you keep focusing on that negative thought and belief that you have, the longer you will keep building negative stories based on them. The place to start should be your own beliefs. This doesn’t mean you have to find out about all the limiting beliefs that you have and then change them one by one. Focusing on the opposite, creates the opposite as well.

However, where do these negative stories come from? Your old limiting beliefs, or existing limiting beliefs. Many times I get messaged by people who have done the work and lost their faith because the thing that they have imagined did not manifest “in time”. It isn’t even about instant manifestations. It’s about focusing on the wrong thing.

If you are focusing on the failure, you will manifest more failures. It is simple like that. Focusing on the failure will result in you building a belief that you cannot manifest this or that. For example, if you tried manifesting a specific person in the past and it didn’t work out for you, you may find yourself focusing on that way more and building a limiting belief that it is not possible for you to manifest a specific person.

You are now being asked to forget that failure and have faith. Perhaps you didn’t persist enough. Perhaps you didn’t believe that you can have whatever you want. Perhaps you didn’t believe that you can use the Law to manifest a specific person. Whatever it is, it doesn’t really matter! If you keep focusing on that, you will keep perpetuating the same old pattern.

This is same like going on a diet. If you go on a diet and refuse to eat sugar for a while, you may find yourself thinking about all the times you made the same decision and failed, faltered and ate some chocolate or something. You also may find yourself thinking that this diet makes no sense because it never worked out for you before. You may even find yourself thinking that you are addicted to sugar. However, none of these things really matter. They belong to your old story.

The failures, the limiting beliefs that stopped you from manifesting something before, negative things that others have said and negative things that you have been saying to yourself… They are all a part of your old story. Now, you need to create a new story. In this new state, there is no place for your old beliefs and thoughts that were caused by the experiences I mentioned in the beginning of this paragraph.

Focusing on your past failures means you are focusing on your old story. That being said, you know what to do. Create a new story:

The Law always works wonderfully for me!


PS. I will be away for a while because I manifested a free trip for myself so there won’t be any posts for a few days but I’ll see you again, soon!

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