The Importance of Mental Diets

“If my conversations determine the things that project themselves upon the screen of space in my world – until I change my conversations, I cannot change the forms. For that is the principle upon which man depends for the “sameness of forms in transmitted life.” If these forms that come out – good, bad and indifferent – are the results of my conversations, then I must change my conversations.”

Order Your Conversations Aright by Neville Goddard

We talk about dropping the old story a lot. As more and more people are realizing that our outer world is the reflection of our inner world, that every inner conversation has the potential to be reflected in our outside world, it is important to say that our old stories come with certain inner conversations that we should consider old as well. Let’s look at this, with an example.


State number 1: Feeling beautiful and accomplished.

Thoughts belonging to this state: I am beautiful. I am turning heads everywhere I go. People naturally gravitate towards me because I am so attractive. My skin is glowing. My figure is perfect. My smile is perfect. I am successful. I always get what I want. I can achieve anything I set my mind on. I am talented. I can master anything. I learn fast.

State number 2: Feeling unattractive and like a failure.

Thoughts belonging to this state: I am ugly. I am too fat/I am too skinny. My skin is too oily. I always get acne. I don’t like the way I walk. My hair is lifeless. My eye color is unappealing. I am unsuccessful. I am a failure. I can never do anything right. It’s so hard for me to succeed in anything! I always need to work hard! Things take years to manifest. I am a slow learner.


As you can see, the difference between these two states is significant. They are polar opposites, but so are the inner conversations that come with it.

You see, when you change your state, your inner conversations change accordingly to this. But does this mean you have to wait to feel a certain way in order for your conversations to change automatically? No, you do not. You can simply go on a mental diet. Thinking from the end and adjusting your thoughts to be in alignment with your end result can be very helpful for you to actually reach that state and start thinking from the end and not of the end!


In the terms of a specific person, this would mean following:

State number 3: desiring to reconcile with your ex

Thoughts: We ended things on a bad note. I am not sure if he would want me back. I am not sure he can forgive me. I think he hates me. He blocked my number. He is with somebody else. People never reconcile. My exes never come back. He no longer loves me. He no longer cares about me. I’ve lost him forever. There is no going back. I miss him. I am so lonely without him. I need him.

State number 4: being in a relationship with your SP

Thoughts: I love him. Our relationship is perfect. I am the only choice for him. We are so happy together. We care about each other so much. We spend every waking moment together. He calls me every day. He is a forgiving person. I trust him and he trusts me. I know I created our past and I forgive myself for it but it doesn’t matter anymore. We never argue. It was stupid to think he would never come back to me, I am a real catch!


Not allowing yourself to finish bad thoughts is almost essential here. Or, as Neville puts it…

“Observe what you’re doing in the course of 24 hours. You’re not alert 24 hours but take, say, 16 hours. If you get 8 hours of sleep, take 16 hours and try to observe what you’re imagining. And if you, per chance, catch yourself imagining what you do not wish to experience, stop it. Stop it right there and then, and don’t give it an extra second. Maybe you’re in the midst of an emotion and you’d like to complete the emotion and tell him off completely. Don’t. Stop it. Break it. That causes a sort of a mental abortion. A mental miscarriage – if you break it without exploding the emotion.”

Feel After Him by Neville Goddard

Of course, at the end of the day, you will have to come up with affirmations that work for you and include them into your inner conversations. It may feel weird at first but it’s your faith that will bring it to life, or won’t bring it to life. If you believe that changing your mental diet will help you live in the end so you can manifest the best relationship ever, then it will be so. If you believe that this won’t work for you, then it won’t. That’s how the Law works!

“Now I could tell you the story of how easy it is to do, but in the doing, may I tell you, it really is difficult. You will think, “Why, certainly I can change my conversations, and then remain faithful to the change.” But we are such creatures of habit.”

“Is it true? Well, you and I are called upon to put it to the test. Can I actually now, this very moment, construct a simple conversation, which, if it is true, will involve that I realized my objective? Can I then be faithful to that conversation, or will I wander from it? Well, I’m telling you, it’s very difficult! It seems so simple. I certainly could take a little conversation between a friend and myself in a dialogue and tell him that all things are, as I would like them to be; that I have this goal and that goal, and “Do you realize, I have realized it?” It all came so simply and so naturally; it all fell into place. Could you really believe that?”

Order Your Conversations Aright by Neville Goddard

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