The Issue of Social Media When Manifesting An SP

It was requested of me to talk about social media and how it affects the manifesting process. The truth is, social media can influence you only if you allow it to influence you. In the grand scheme of things, social media is no different than anything else in your world – you are in control of it, you bring things to pass by focusing on them.

However, I understand how it might affect your well-being if you haven’t learned to shut out your outer senses completely. In the beginning of the manifesting process, we are asked to focus only on what we want and not on what we do not want. We are asked to stop repeating the old story. It is not always easy to get to the spot where you are capable of completely ignoring your outer world. We are taught to rely on our outer senses in order to get around in life. We consider the outer world to be more important than it actually is, because we think it operates separate of us.

Social media often reflects our old state. If we keep checking our SP’s social media, the chances are we will see something we do not like. This is exactly why it is recommended to stop doing these things. Let’s face it – seeing something like a picture of your SP with a third party is not a pleasant experience at all. Seeing posts which indicate that your SP wants to be single isn’t pleasant either. When we are only discovering our true power, it is possible that things like that affect us way more than they should. I see people asking if they can manifest their SP after their SP posted this or that on their social media many times. The answer is always the same – YES, YOU CAN. The real question is: if you know that free will doesn’t exist, that all things are possible and that all things exist in this very moment, why are you even considering the possibility of somebody rejecting you? There is no such thing as another person rejecting you. Rejection is your creation as well, but I may talk about that in one of the future posts!

The problem with the social media is that it shows us our inner world, inner struggles, feelings, assumptions just as much as the rest of the things and people in your outer world. If you feel that it is affecting you in a negative away, it would be in your best interest to get away from it. If you cannot do that, you can simply stop checking our SP’s social media.

I know how hard it can be, believe me. I have been in the same situation before. But just think about it: how will checking the your SP’s social media help you? You don’t have to necessarily see something negative. The thing is your brain is creating stories all the time. If you didn’t completely discipline it yet with your faith, it is possible that seeing that your SP was online a few days ago will make you think that they are with a third party or something like that. It is, therefore, better to avoid their social media in order to also avoid having your mind creating stories based on your limiting beliefs.

That being said, if you believe that your mind is disciplined enough not to create such stories, based on your old limiting beliefs, you don’t have to avoid social media per se. As long as you understand that what you are seeing on the outside, no matter in which form it appears, is merely a representation of what is going on on the inside, you are good.

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