How To Build The Confidence In Your Own Power

I will say it right away – the best way to build the confidence in your own power is to experiment!

Many people spend a long time reading and exploring The Law but never really put it to use or do it here and there. If you are aware of how The Law works, then you know that it works all the time, so even if you aren’t using it deliberately you will still get results and see your inner world projected in your external world. But now that you know how great this Law is, why wouldn’t you learn to use it deliberately?

In my previous post, I have mentioned that you have to have the confidence in yourself if you want to manifest things easily and effortlessly. Once you have that confidence, manifestations will happen quicker and as I’ve said, easily and effortlessly. You are releasing a big amount of stress once you accept that you don’t have to move a finger (except in your imagination).

The easiest way to discover your own power is by exploring the concept that everybody is you pushed out. As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, you don’t have to do anything to prove it. You only need to remember and acknowledge the way you are seeing a certain person. The next thing you need to do is change small things and see this person react to it.

For example, if your roommate is in a bad mood today, imagine them doing something that would imply that they are in a good mood now. It could be something as simple as imagining them smiling or you can even go further and see them dancing around the apartment because they are so happy! Do it for a few minutes, feel the relief then let go and go about your day. Don’t go looking for your roommate to see if they are in a good mood now. Allow the God inside you to bring that gift to them. Let any bridge of incidents unfold for them and put them in a better mood. That is not of your concern. You only need to focus on the end result.

Another thing you can do is come up with lists of things that you want to manifest. Do this every day. Create a new list every day. Put small things on it, but things that don’t happen every day. For example, if you manifest a free coffee every morning, don’t put that on your list. If you see a yellow butterfly every day, don’t put it on your list. Put something that is not a part of your everyday life. “I received a free cookie” or “I saw a pink bird” could be good examples for your list as well, unless you are already seeing flamingos every day and getting free cookies every day. The point is to put it either into present or past tense.

Test it. These small things won’t require you to do any technique a number of times, and they happen very quickly, in my experience. The more you test it, the more you build your confidence. The bigger your confidence, the bigger your faith.

Man’s faith in God is measured by his confidence in himself.”

Neville Goddard


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