A Reminder Of Your Own Power

Are you feeling down? Are you having doubts about your own powers or about your own manifestation? If you find yourself thinking that the techniques you are doing aren’t enough or that your affirmations and mental diet aren’t showing any results, think again.

Your subconscious mind is always listening. Remember? I mentioned this in almost every post so far, so of course you do! Therefore you are required to have full faith in your techniques. It’s not about believing that your techniques will bring you your manifestation. It’s about believing that they will help you catch the correct mood, the mood of the wish fulfilled. If you believe that what you are doing isn’t enough, then you simply won’t catch this mood.

However, if you are doubting your own power, there is one thing you can do. I do this all the time. I remind myself of this every morning and every evening. I remind myself that I am God. I am the Creator of my own reality. If I am God and I create every second of my experience here in this reality, then how can something I decree not come to pass?

Even though I have manifested many great things, at times I can still find my logical brain getting in the way of my next manifestation. However, I do not allow it to stay like that by reminding myself and repeating the sentence that I have quoted above. Just like Bible says…

“Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee: and the light shall shine upon thy ways.”

Job 22:28

I also like to remind myself how effortless manifesting actually is. I have proven this many times. Unfortunately, this is the part that no written testimony can prove to you. You have to prove it to yourself. You don’t have to do anything but remember. Remember how many times you have thought of something and it came to pass. You never had to devise the means. You just thought of it as the thing that you would like to receive and you have received this.

However, here is my latest experience. I have strawberries growing in my backyard. They were getting ripe and my mom reminded me to go and pick them. I had a lot to do and I completely put that aside, in order to finish my work. I was thinking I would do it later but then I changed my mind and thought to myself… “Wouldn’t it be nice if she went and picked them for me?” I focused on my job again and in a matter of an hour she brought a bowl of strawberries into my room and said she got bored and decided to pick them!

That is how easy it is to manifest. You can manifest with one thought, as long as you remember your own power. As long as you know that your subconscious is always listening and you believe that it will bring you whatever you want your way, it will. Have that confidence. Have that trust in your subconscious. Have the confidence in your own power!

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