Test It With The Weather – Your World Is You Pushed Out

Did you know that every day, every waking minute you are actually getting feedback from the world around you? This can come in many different ways and present itself in many different forms.

Whenever you feel like what you are doing isn’t enough, or even like you aren’t getting anywhere, remind yourself that the world around you is your mirror. This means that everything that you are seeing right now is actually rooted inside you. Whatever you believe of a certain situation or a certain person is what you will get in your outside world.

And, you know what? You can use this for your own good and for your own growth. You do not have to accept anything on the outside of you as final. You do not have to accept anything that you do not like. You can change all of it. It all starts with you. It always has and it always will. You may not have been aware of it in the past, but now you are and you can use this at your own advantage.

If you look around you, you will find that people around you reflect your own inner world. They reflect your beliefs about them, your opinions, your thoughts, your expectations. We have already talked about this in the post “Everyone Is You Pushed Out”. But… You can also test it on things that aren’t “alive”. Well… Technically, the world is dead and you are animating it but let’s not go into that in this post.

Take weather as an example. Do you know how many times I have manifested rain this year? It hasn’t rained so much since I can remember. It always used to be hot in May. I don’t like the heat. My country is way too hot for my liking, I gotta admit. I do have plans to move to another country, somewhere a bit colder than here, but before I manifest that, well, I’m gonna manifest the weather I like! And it just so happens that I like rain the best. I remember when I was a child, I would pray to God to make it rain on my birthday because that is my favourite type of weather. As silly as that may seem, when I think back on it, I see that it worked only when I convinced myself that God was listening to me. Even though I believed that God is outside of me at that point, my belief made it come to pass again and again.

If you are different, if you prefer the sun, manifest hot weather. It is enough that you write it down on your daily list of things you want to manifest or even just imagine it for a second. The weather is something nobody is really attached too or has strong emotions about, isn’t it? You can simply forget about it afterwards.

If you feel like this is too good to be true or you still believe you can’t change the weather, think again. You are God in your own reality. Will the weather conform to the TV weather prognosis unless you believe it to be true, unless you believe that those machines and people know better than you? It conforms to your belief, whether you realize it or not. Whether you choose to believe in machines and other people’s interpretations or your own power is up to you.

But while you’re at it, test it and you’ll see – everything around you is waiting for your command

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