How To Talk To Your Subconscious

Did you know that you are talking to your subconscious all the time? You don’t have to address it specifically. Your creative power hides in your subconscious mind. Therefore, it is listening all the time.

Subconscious mind only sees in pictures. It doesn’t perceive words as we do. It doesn’t actually talk. It creates images of what you are impressing onto it. This is why visualization is such an important tool. When you are visualizing, you are deliberately creating the images that you want to relive in your waking life. You are also associating certain feelings with these images. Your subconscious remembers that these images was what brought those emotions into being and it manifests them into your physical reality.

However, in order to “talk” to your subconscious, you don’t necessarily have to visualize. Many people are worried that their visualization skills aren’t good enough or that they aren’t imagining enough, that it isn’t impressing on their subconscious mind, that the pictures they are seeing aren’t clear enough etc etc. Well, guess what? It doesn’t matter. You impress onto your subconscious through feelings as well. This is why affirmations and mental diets work so well. You may not even be aware of this but if you say something like… “I intend to see a blue butterfly today”, doesn’t your conscious mind picture a blue butterfly of some kind right there and then?

Subconscious favors non-effort over effort. This is where many people tend to go down the “I am not doing enough” or “I am not visualizing good enough” once again. But why are you worried? If I asked you to see an apple right now, in your mind’s eye, would you have to close your eyes and see it? I don’t think so. I think you have already seen it, even if it was only for a second. I apologize if you manifest blue butterflies and apples into your life now, thanks to this post, but it was necessary to explain that the more you “try”, the harder it gets. You need to let it happen, so to speak. When you are laying down in your bed in the evening and doing your SATS, if you are finding yourself exerting effort, you are going about it wrong. If you are finding yourself trying so hard to see your desire fulfilled, or to see it in a more clear way, stop it. You need to relax and once you are relaxed you can even use the words to describe your desires situation, before you actually see it. For example, you can simply say, “Me and my SP are laying in my bed together”. Your mind will automatically create this image.

So how do you talk to your subconscious? Well, through images. Even if you aren’t aware of it 100%, you are doing it every moment of the day. There is another way that you can talk to your subconscious and this one is actually my favourite one. It includes questions. However, the questions that we are talking about need to put your desire into past tense. When you are lying in your bed at night, relax and ask your subconscious mind, “Why was it so easy to get what I wanted?” Be specific. “Why was it so easy for my SP to fall in love with me? Why was it so easy to know exactly what to do in order to manifest all this money? Why was it so easy to lose all this weight?” Your subconscious is listening. It will take these questions and create memories. Memories will include your end result. Once you impress something and it feels like a memory, it is sure to come to pass in your waking life as well. Don’t you feel the relief now that you know that your goals have already been accomplished?

So go ahead and try it. Ask your subconscious mind why it was so easy to manifest your dream life, how come you knew exactly what to do in order to manifest your dream life? How did you know exactly what feeling you need to catch and what technique you need to use to catch it? Your subconscious will answer you. Personally, I get answers through dreams most of the time. For you, it could work a bit differently. Maybe you will see a sign or a post with an answer to your questions or something completely different.

Give thanks to your subconscious and love it because it’s always listening and always bringing things to you!

” The subconscious does serve man and faithfully gives form to his feelings. However, the subconscious has a distinct distaste for compulsion and responds to persuasion rather than to command; consequently, it resembles the beloved wife more than the servant.”

Feeling is the Secret by Neville Goddard

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