Everyone Is You Pushed Out

Everyone is you pushed out is my favourite concept and topic of exploration when it comes to Neville Goddard’s teachings. I absolutely love seeing how the world is me pushed out and finding ways to change it for the better, with love. Another reason I love it is because you don’t have to move a finger to prove it. You only need to observe your thoughts and become aware of them.

This post is not going to be long. It’s more like an invitation to you. Look around you. Look at the people you are surrounded with. Look at your pets. What type of behavior are they displaying? Now, go in. Ask yourself, what do you believe of this or that person? What do you believe of your pet? Do you believe your cat is lazy? Do you believe it’s playful? Which one is it? She is exactly like that, isn’t she? Even though she is an animal, she is you pushed out nevertheless. The entire world is yourself pushed out.

If you believe your best friend is always late, they will always be late. If you believe your mom is always angry, she will always be angry. If you believe your neighbour is a liar, they will lie to you.

They are not moving on their own. They are not doing this thing or the other because they want to. They are doing it because you believe they are doing it. Because you assigned them with that role! You are the God in your reality. You are the operand power of The Law in your reality. You are moving all the pieces of this puzzle you call your world or your life. You are not doing it physically, no, you are doing it mentally. You are doing it through your mental conversations.

Test it. Change your mental conversations. That unemployed friend you have? See them as employed. Do it, now. You don’t have to do it for hours. You don’t even have to repeat the act if you believe it the first time around. Create a scene that is believable to you. Then move on with your life. Either forget about it or remind yourself that your friend is now employed, anytime you think of them. Feel the joy, knowing that you were the operand power behind that. You used The Law to bring about a change in your friend’s life, a positive change. Doesn’t it feel great?!

Your world is your mirror. What is your mirror showing?

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