What Are You Focusing On?

Today I want to ask you these simple questions: what are you focusing on? Do you know what you are focusing on or is your focus all over the place? Are you focusing on the end result or the middle?

Although there is nothing wrong with manifesting things in the middle, I would like to remind you that you are supposed to be focusing on your end result only. Sure, if you feel like you should manifest a text or a date, go for it. There is nothing wrong with that. Maybe you aren’t 100% sure about what should be your end result when it comes to your specific person and exploring it this way is not wrong at all, unless you think it is wrong.

I would also like to remind you that there is no wrong way to manifest. Many times I see people asking where they are going wrong. The only way to go wrong about manifesting is to think that you are going wrong about it. Let’s take techniques as an example. If you believe you can get the feeling of your wish fulfilled using SATS, it will work. If you believe you can’t do that with SATS, well guess what, you are going to manifest exactly that. You always get what you believe in.

However, what I want to talk about in this post is getting stuck in the wrong part of the manifesting process. You have probably heard this a million time by now but you are not to worry about the “how”. You only need to know what you want, construct a scene, catch the feeling of the wish fulfilled, persist in it or drop it and move on, believing that your desire has been heard by God and that God will bring your desire your way. But what happens when you get stuck on the “how”? And what exactly is the “how” when it comes to manifesting a specific person or a new job or even a specific sum of money?

If we are talking about the specific person, anything between now and the time when you receive your wish belongs to the “how” category. This includes third parties, messages and calls that have nothing to do with being together, dates, meeting the family,… You name it. The same applies to jobs and money. Finding a better job or looking for opportunities to upgrade your income doesn’t really belong to living in the end.

If you are living in the end, you do not worry about finding opportunities to upgrade your income. If you are living in the end, you do not go around trying to find a better job. If you are living in the end, you aren’t worrying about the third party or anything that has happened between you and your specific person in the past because you realize it doesn’t matter!

Examine your mental conversations. Examine your imaginal acts as well. Are they focused on something in the middle? Are your imaginal acts focused on getting contact or getting rid of the third party, and yet your true desire is to marry your specific person? Do you not realize that even if you do get contact or get rid of the third party in this case, it doesn’t mean that you will receive your end result which is marriage? If you are sure that you want marriage, your imaginal acts and your mental conversations should revolve around that, instead of things in the middle.

Your end result doesn’t include a third party. Your end result doesn’t include your specific person ghosting you. Your end result doesn’t include arguments and fights, does it? So why are you trying to “fix” these things when you can simply go to the end result and enjoy the feeling of being married and things being perfectly fine between the two of you?

The thing here is that you cannot screw this up but you have to be careful. If you choose to focus on getting rid of the third party, you will get rid of the third party. But what does that say about your end result? Absolutely nothing. You could even find yourself creating another third party and then another and then another if you keep focusing on this part and you will forever be stuck in this cycle. However, if you focus only on the end result and things with your SP start happening like third parties disappearing, messages and calls coming in, then you will know your desire is coming your way.

Imagine seeing an apple on a tree. It’s a ripe apple. If you want an apple, will you focus on planting a tree? Will you focus on the tree blooming? Will you focus on seeing green apples? Or will you focus on ripe apples that you can pick and eat anytime you want? That’s how this works as well.

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