Forget The Past

What if I told you that you are powerful enough to erase the past with your specific person? What if I told you that your past with them doesn’t even matter? This is for all those who are trying to manifest their specific ex back.

Some people’s specific person isn’t actually their ex lover. Do you remember when your specific person wasn’t your ex either? Okay, now, stop calling them your ex. Whatever you do, when you are talking about them, do not refer to them as your ex. As a matter of fact, forget that you ever had any history to begin with.

We learn as long as we are alive. And, well… We are immortal beings. You may think that your situation is completely ruined or that there is no going back. But remember one thing, anything you create, you can also uncreate.

Learn from people who aren’t manifesting an ex back. Yes, you read that right. Learn from those who are manifesting a completely new person that they have no history with. You may notice how fast and effortlessly it comes to them. Why? Because there is no resistance. There are no doubts. There is no “old story”, there is only a “new story” that they are building. No baggage from the past. No failures. Nothing to beat themselves up for. Wouldn’t it be easy to manifest your specific person coming from that standpoint as well?

When you are done reading this post, I want you to close your eyes and imagine what it felt like when you’ve first met them. What did you feel? How sure were you that they were the one you are going to date next? I know for a fact that I had this strong inner knowing that I am going to end up dating my boyfriend the moment we started talking, and we didn’t even know what we look like at that point because we’ve met online. I bet you felt the same way about your specific person as well, no matter how you’ve met!

What if I told you that you can use that feeling to manifest? You can create, you can uncreate. You can also recreate. You are doing it every day. Why else is almost every day the same to you? Why else is the same person treating you the same way every day? Because you are recreating them every day. Until you change your belief about them, you will keep recreating them.

Go on. Remember what it felt like before there was any history between you and your specific person. Remember the happiness, the joy, the excitement, the feeling of falling in love with this wonderful, wonderful person. Heck, create them to be even better this time around. If there was something you didn’t like the first time around, imagine it differently this time.

Erase the history that you have with them. You can start over. You can start fresh with this person. Nobody is standing in your way. You may call this some type of revision.

Remember that feeling. Build on it. That is the feeling you would have if there was no history between the two of you, be it good or bad. And no, I am not asking you to forget everything good that happened between the two of you. You don’t have to. You just have to stop replaying the negative scenarios and I find that this little technique works wonders. Remember this quote?

“Whether you be a Frenchmen or an American or any other nationality, you have speech and you have a mind. Instead of accepting what you have already done with that gift, you simply ignore it. You brought it into being. All this is solidified speech, the whole vast manifested world. And you turn from it and reconstruct the sentence.”

Control Your Inner Conversations by Neville Goddard

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