Stop Giving Your Power Away

I will go through multiple examples of how you may be giving your power away. When I say you are giving your power away, it means that you believe in this thing that is external to you more than you believe in your own power, more than you believe that you are the creator of your own reality.

There are many ways in which you can give your power away. However, there is only one way of fixing it. It is a very simple way although it may not always be easy. Let’s start off with three examples I encounter most often.


Giving your power to your specific person

One of the common mistakes that people make once they hear that they can manifest specific people is go back through their old story and remember all the things that their specific people said. They take the things that the specific person said as something that was written in the stone and they use it as a reason for why it may not work for them. The truth is – there are no exceptions to The Law. If it works with everything, it works with everything and there is no “everything but this”. Everything. Full stop.

In reality, it doesn’t matter what your specific person said to you. They said it because you assigned them with a role to play. You subconsciously told them to hurt you and so they did. They only showed you what you need to work on. And that’s why it doesn’t matter what they said to you. If they said that they never want to talk to you again, it’s because you feared that that will happen. If they said that they will never be with you, it’s because you feared that they won’t ever want to be with you. It all starts with you.

The things they said to you do not matter because it’s all rooted in you and therefore if you change the thing that made them act a certain way, their behavior will change as well.


Giving your power to the third party

I have talked about the third parties before and why they don’t matter. They are a product of our fears and insecurities. However, often times before we realize this, we tend to actually give them the power to decide instead of us. If you find yourself thinking that this third party won’t go away, they will fight for your SP, they will always be in your way, that is a sure sign that you are giving them the power. The trick here is that you are actually sending the signals to your subconscious mind, letting it move the third party as if they have any free will. Yet, they have none. Not in your world.


Giving your power to the psychics, tarot card readers, witches etc.

I am guilty of this one myself. Before they start realizing that power has been inside of them, most people get readings from psychics and tarot card readers. I have already shared my story on Reddit but I will share it here as well.

When my boyfriend and I broke up a long time ago, I was so desperate to get him back that I got a bunch of psychic readings from different readers. I believed that they could help me “see the future” but as the timeframes they were giving me were passing and nothing was happening, I kept getting more and more readings. Finally, one day I snapped out of it and realized that they are not seeing my “future”. They are simply telling me what I felt in that moment. They were echoing my beliefs. The whole vast world does that. You don’t need to pay to a psychic for that! This was a blessing in disguise for me because this is how I came across Neville Goddard. Realizing that the power resides inside me made it easier to understand why they were always telling me what I believed to be true in that particular moment.

I got some spells as well. It went well the first time around. I really believed that it would work and so it did. It didn’t go that well the second time around. I’ve lost my faith in spells.

The common denominator here is my belief. I believed a certain thing and the psychic “confirmed” it. I believed that the rituals that were done by some spellworkers would bring me my desire and they worked.

However, you have to understand that you can’t depend on these things. You can’t depend on spells and psychic readings. The power resides inside of you. There are people out there who are claiming to be psychic and are ready to take thousands of dollars from you, claiming that you need this ritual or the other to cleanse your energy and bring your lover back. No, you do not need anything. You already have what it takes to bring your desires to life – you have your imagination! This person that is claiming to be psychic or a witch is not more powerful than you are. God doesn’t hear them better than He hears you!


A simple way of fixing it

It doesn’t matter if you are guilty of any of these things. We all tend to give the things on the outside of us more power than to the Being inside of us before we realize what is actually going on and how this reality actually works. The way to fixing it is simple – understand that you are the creator.

Forget all the old stuff that you believed in the past. Focus only on God. Focus only on the fact that your human imagination is God. Believe this and you will see that your limiting beliefs will slowly start fading away. Because, how could you believe that there are limits to God’s power? How could you believe that God can create this, that and the other except your desire? Everything in your world was created by God. Everything already exists. You bring it into your reality by planting the seed in your subconscious mind.

Don’t complicate it. Don’t overthink it. Believe. That is all that is asked of you. Believe that you have received your desires and they will be made manifest into your world. You don’t need to devise the means on the outside. You need faith in God.

What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?

Romans 8:31

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