Why Do We Always Tell You To Stop Repeating The Old Story?

The most common advice you will get if you start talking about the things that have happened to you in the past is this:

Stop telling your old story and start telling a new story.

There probably isn’t a more important thing that you can do once you start deliberately creating your own world. In this post I will explain what exactly is considered an old story and what you can do to replace it.


What is “the old story”?

The old story is what you are seeing in your reality in this moment. I will use an imaginary example throughout this post: let’s say Anna wants to manifest her specific person. They broke up 2 years ago. It was a terrible, terrible break up that left her heart-broken for months. She was needy after the breakup and her SP stopped talking to her. He is still mad at her. She even manifested a third party and thinks that he will never be able to forgive her.

That is her old story. That is the story that she had created before she found out about Neville. That is the story that she had been telling herself before she realized what a powerful creator she is. And, that is the story she needs to forget about if she wants to change her situation. That is the story she needs to stop telling herself if she wants to move on from it.


What is the “new story”?

The “new story” is the story that we want to bring into life. The “new story” is the story that we would like to see manifest into our lives. The “new story” is the situation in which we already have what we wanted. Our desire is fulfilled.

As for the example: Anna now believes her SP loves her and he would forgive her for anything that happened in the past, as a matter of fact, he doesn’t care about what happened between them in the past. Anna released the fears that created the third party and the third party is gone. Her SP is hers only. They are in a happy relationship.


How do we stop repeating the old story?

I would like to start this part of the post by saying that there is no “easy fix”. Often times when I tell people to stop repeating their old stories, they ask me how can they do it, what would be the fastest way to release their old story.

In the terms of the “fastest way”, there really is no universal answer to this question. It all depends on you and how quickly you are able to change your old story. What I would suggest doing is taking a piece of paper and a pen, writing out the old story and then scratching it out. Rip the paper into pieces, burn it; or you may not do any of these things at all. It’s up to you to decide whether or not you want to do something that would imply that you are now releasing the old story and completely abandoning it, while surrendering yourself to the new story.

One important thing to notice here is that your mental conversations will change. As Neville says, your mental conversations must be in line with your new state. You must understand by now that whatever you are seeing in front of you is the result of your past mental conversations – your subconscious is always listening.

So, how do you start telling the “new story”? You start telling the new story by burying the old story. Anytime something comes up that would imply that your old story is still alive, flip that thought around. Kill it before it lays eggs! 🤪

Let’s go back to Anna and see what she is doing now. Let’s say she is at work. She doesn’t have that much to do, so she ends up thinking about her SP. Suddenly she finds herself thinking…

“How will he forgive me? I’ve done so many things wro…. STOP. I forgave myself, therefore my SP forgave me as well.”

“Ugh, I just can’t see that other woman going aw… STOP. I am the best partner for my SP. I am the only woman he sees. I am the only one for him.”

It may not be easy in the beginning. That’s because you are used to thinking about the old story. You are used to reacting to it. But, the longer you react to it, the longer it will persist. The longer you are allowing it into your awareness, the longer it will exist in your external world. However, you are now the “new man”, as Neville says. You are now the person who realized what immense power your thoughts and beliefs have. You now realize that you have the creative power over your own life and you realize that you can’t spend your thoughts – you must invest them.

I can promise you, you will start seeing the changes soon after you start implementing this. However, don’t go looking for changes on the outside. That’s not what faith is.

“Faith is loyalty to the unseen reality.”

Neville Goddard

Look for the changes within. Pay attention to how you feel. Remember? Feeling is the secret. We create by feeling something to be real. So, focusing on that aspect is far more productive than looking for changes outside of you.


What does Neville say about this?

“Whether you be a Frenchmen or an American or any other nationality, you have speech and you have a mind. Instead of accepting what you have already done with that gift, you simply ignore it. You brought it into being. All this is solidified speech, the whole vast manifested world. And you turn from it and reconstruct the sentence.”

Control Your Inner Conversations by Neville Goddard

Make every thought you have an investment for a better future. Stop repeating the old story if you do not like it. Create a new story. Dwell in the new story instead.

Everything that you encounter in your physical reality is rooted in your imagination. Replace the things that you do not like with things that you do like. Create a wonderful world for yourself. You deserve it.

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