What Is The Best Technique?

I am writing this to remind you that it is not the technique that matters. It’s the feeling.

Every now and then somebody seems to slip up on this question. It’s okay. We all tend to forget from time to time, the basic things that we’ve learned. You know 2+2=4 since you were a child but when the panic sets in, you may forget it. If you recognize yourself in this description, do yourself a favor and forgive yourself. You are just learning. There is no need to beat yourself up over things that you have created in the past. You’ve made a mistake. So what? Now you are here and ready to make it right. Aren’t you?

All of this leads most of us to researching and finding the best technique possible. When we are new to deliberate manifesting and don’t yet have the full trust in this, we may get in our own way by thinking that this technique or that technique will bring us our manifestation quicker, make our faith stronger…

That’s not what the techniques are about. Neville talks about looping your scene while in the state akin to sleep (SATS), the lullaby method and even mentions affirmations. But if you read the book Feeling is the Secret carefully, you will find that he talks of prayer and SATS as ways of catching the mood of your wish fulfilled. He talks about impressing your subconscious mind by using these techniques.

Let’s be perfectly clear here – you impress things on your subconscious mind all day long by reacting to them. Does that mean you are in the state akin to sleep all day long? Does it mean you are sitting at your desk and scripting all day long? It does not. And even with this in mind, the feeling that Neville talks about isn’t the exact emotion – it’s the feeling of naturalness. It’s the feeling of possessing what you desire. It’s the feeling of knowing that it is yours and that nothing stands between you and the thing that you desire.

This is exactly why questions like, “What is the best technique”, “Which technique should I use to get the results faster” and complaints such as “I have been using 54 techniques for 3 years straight and didn’t manifest my biggest desires”, all have the same answer – you are focusing on the wrong thing.

Let me sum up. It is not the technique that brings about your manifestations. It’s your subconscious mind. You need to impress something on your subconscious mind before it comes to pass. You do this through the medium of feeling.

Let’s take prayer as an example. Beg God all day long to fulfill your wish and you will get nowhere. This is because you are praying in order to get something. You are coming from the place of lack. You are implying you do not already possess this. The Bible says we need to pray as if we had already received it. This is the feeling that Neville talks about. The feeling of already having what you want.

Now, on to the main question in this post:

What is the best technique?

The technique that evokes the feeling of the wish fulfilled. Whether you achieve this by meditation, scripting, affirmations, setting intentions, is completely irrelevant. Come up with the stupidest ritual the world has ever seen and if it helps you catch the mood of the wish fulfilled, you have found the technique that is the best for you.

Ask yourself:

What would the feeling be like if you were now the person that you want to be?

Based on this question, come up with a scene that implies that you already are that person. Whether you write it down, loop a certain scene during meditation or even just remind yourself every now and then, “I AM the person that I wanted to be”, is up to you. Whatever makes you feel that you already are that person will do the trick. That’s how simple it is.

Ask yourself: how were you manifesting up to this point, before you became aware that you can manifest deliberately? And that is the answer to your question. You were probably creating unknowingly, through your reactions and mental diet, like most of us did. Maybe you were even doing SATS without realizing it.

However, the most important question I want you to ask yourself is this:

Are you using a specific technique because you think that is the way to manifest your desire or are you using it to catch the mood of the wish fulfilled?

Be honest with yourself. If you are still new to this, the chances are that you are using a technique as some magical tool to bring about your manifestation instead of catching the mood. That’s perfectly alright but you need to switch your focus. Feeling is the secret.

I would like to recommend using only one technique at the time but being persistent with it. This is what worked for me personally and what works for other deliberate creators I’ve met so far. If you are using multiple techniques at the same time, it may stress you out. It may push you further into the state of lack without you even realizing it. Why? Because you are clearly looking for more techniques instead of living in the end.

Another question that seems to pop up as well is this:

How long do I need to use this technique for?

It depends on the person. If you can use your chosen technique once, catch the mood and sustain it, then once is enough. If you need to repeat the process every morning or every evening or multiple times a day, that’s fine too. Repeat it until you are completely drenched in your desired state. You will know when it is done.

If you are asking another if you have done the technique for long enough and if it’s done, then you know for sure that it isn’t. If it were done, you would be living in the end which brings us back to my previous post – you would know without a shadow of a doubt that you possess a certain thing, that it’s yours. In that post I said you wouldn’t be asking why the things aren’t appearing in your world. In this post, I will add that you wouldn’t be asking others if it’s done or if you need to keep persisting. You would know for sure that it is done and you would go about your day.

All in all, you have to learn that nobody else can answer these questions for you. Nobody else can decide which technique will resonate with you. Nobody else can decide when you should stop doing your imaginal act. Nobody else can control your mental diet. Nobody else can decide where the limits lie for you.

If you knew you can jump 2 meters in the air and somebody told you the limit is 1.8 meters, wouldn’t you feel at least a bit rebellious and wanted to prove this person wrong? The world is you pushed out, so, you are challenging yourself. Go on and challenge yourself to imagine better than you can. Challenge yourself to live in the end fully. Shut out your outer senses. Thank them for serving you in the world of Caesar and then turn to your inside world.

That’s where all the answers lie.

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