“Why Is Nothing Happening?”

One of the questions that seems to pop up every now and then on Reddit is this:

I have been living in the end for weeks! Why is nothing happening?!

But it is happening… And you know what is happening? You are not living in the end. This may come across as a bold statement. You may even find yourself thinking, “Yes, I am, I am doing all of these techniques and this and that and……..” A thousand things. But are you living in the end?

The answer is no. If you are asking this question, you are not living in the end. How do I know this? Because I have been there.

You are serving two masters. Well, how can you serve two masters? If you have been studying Neville for a while, you have probably come across this already – it is impossible to serve two masters! You can’t have faith and be doubtful at the same time. You can’t live in the end and wonder why the thing you desire hasn’t shown up yet.

If you are living in the end, if you are truly living in the end, you can’t be wondering why nothing is happening. If you are truly living in the end, you already claimed the desire as yours. You claimed it as if it already manifested. If you already have something, then how can you wonder where it is?

Do you have your phone with you right now? Even if it’s not in your pocket or even in your hands right now, you know you own it. So, do you go around wondering if you own a phone? Maybe you let somebody else use it to make a call, but that doesn’t mean they stole it from you, does it? It is still yours!

Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But that’s how simple it is.

I have repeated this a few times on Reddit and I will repeat it a few more times: you can do a thousand techniques for a thousand years and if the first thing you do after you are done with your meditation is go on and complain about the old story for the rest of your day, retell the old story or even wonder why the thing you have just imagined isn’t showing up or why you aren’t seeing any “movement”, you are only ruining your own work. Techniques do nothing in that case. Techniques are there to help you catch the mood of the wish fulfilled but if you forget that feeling as soon as you are done meditating, scripting or repeating your affirmation, you won’t get anywhere. Feeling is all that matters. Feeling of the wish fulfilled. Sustain that feeling and you will get whatever you desire.

When you claim something and I mean when you truly claim it, there is no doubt in your mind that it is yours. That is the moment it manifests in your reality. When you know without a shadow of the doubt,… That’s when you get what you wanted.

So, go on. Claim it. You are God. You create your own reality. None can deliver out of your hand. Nobody can take away what is yours. Take what’s yours, like Daenerys Stormborn, with fire and blood, take it! Except you don’t need literal fire nor blood, only the feeling of the wish fulfilled. If your heart is burning with a desire, love yourself enough to fulfill it. Take a leap of faith… Surrender to the feeling of the wish fulfilled.

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